Hey Travel Channel...

#horriblejoboutofyou for real.

Actually... you know what? You all kind are bad at what you do.

In case you missed it. The Iowa stories that were supposed to be on last night... uh... must have hit the cutting floor. Now... sure... we're all a little disappointed. But you know... sometimes you gotta look at the positive side... I guess this means more beef jerky for all of us.

But the thing that shows... kind of that... you all aren't good at what you do? Um, this was supposed to showcase "The Heartland"... and somehow, Texas is in the Heartland? Really?

I know tons of Texans. And get this if you asked them if they were in the Heartland... hell, you ask them if they are in the South... the majority of the would say... "Child please, we's from Texas." Yeah... good to know that a network that is supposed to be about "travel" can't even get the regions in this country right. Sigh... oh well. it was cool to get some buzz for God's Country.

More to come and as always... Stay thirsty my friends.