We broke his *blank* clean off! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Oh sorry friends. Was thinking that we were less than 7 weeks away to kick off... my mind wanders a bit a times. Anyways....

I thought I was good at screwing up things. You know, if something can be screwed up... call me up hoss... and did I tell you I'm an expert in the ridiculous?

So as I have said before... I'm not a fire breather... got it? I'm not one of these guys who are obsessed with Obama's birth certificate or all of that other bat shit crazy stuff. To me... worrying about these issues is about as sensless as the lefties were with their whacked out kooked out stuff they were pushing on George W. Bush.

But that's not to say that... from time to time... I will read or hear something and... no matter where I am... and generally not caring who hears me... I will say this in a rather loud voice...

"You have got to be fucking shitting me."

Yeah... sorry on the language on this Grandma... but when I read the following... it happened.

Word on the Tweet from WHO-TV's purple tie wearing fool Dave Price:

"Governor Culver blames drop of June's 2,700 construction jobs from June 09 on bad weather not failures of his I-JOBS plan."

Yeah... go ahead and say it too... you'll feel better.

Anyways... per usual... not a good week for Big Lug. His fundraising numbers that they were all proud to brag about before... took a huge dump. Not good at all for the kids in the green and yellow shirts. Now Big Lug wants to have millions of debates... if what I'm reading right in the Twittersburgh.

But I would like to remind my fine feathered friends on our side of the aisle... I wouldn't start doing the Humpty Hump just yet. This is the time we need to go all Bobby Bowden on their asses. It's time to run up the score. Seriously, dudes... They are not even covering kickoff returns right now... but don't think someone won't hand them one of those nasty 5 hour energy thingers to help them wake them up... Because sooner or later... they will actually try to tackle the returner...

More to come... until next time, crank it tup suckers!!! And always... stay thirsty my friends.