A little something called the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation...

Yessssssssssssssss! Special thanks to a loyal reader and hella good pal for sending us this picture. It's effing amazing! Speaking of things ending up in out mail room...

We recieved something that kind of tripped our trigger... a video... made us think... and of course got us chirping a little bit.

The subject? The Iowa Farm Bureau.

Let's rock it like Randy Savage and snap into this Slim Jim.

We'll get to the video here in a sec.

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR - Yessir... County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting time. Think of these meetings as GOP Central Committee Meetings... only with a hell of a lot less bitching and moaning... and freaking way better food. I mean... these peeps are farmers... you're gonna get fed well.

THE BEST POLITICOS IN THE STATE - I'm talking about Farm Bureau members. I've said this before... Farm Bureau members are the most knowledgeable activists in the state. Majority are conservative... of course prolly socially... but fiscal is where these kids Tic the Taco. The are in tune with current events and national debate.

THEIR ENDORSEMENT - It is one of the most important ones in the state. Although... lately... sometimes you wonder if they just want clout or actually care about the issues the advocate. Case in point? See Harkin endorsement in '02... and various other head scratching nods.

That is why one could be a little skeptical when the see this very well done production paid for by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation....

We can all dig this message of smaller government and less spending... but... will the Iowa Farm Bureau actually act on it? If they are truly serious about this message they paid for... will they actually give their endorsements to candidates who first have a record of doing so... second... running on this message. Third... get their members to actually work on behalf of the people they pick. When they do... look out...

Hey... they are a great organization. One of the true groups who have a grassroots organization that produces results. The only other group who is better than these guys in their results? The Southside of Des Moines.

I would just like to know if they are serious about the video that they had made. Have they really had enough? Or are they just kissing up to who might be writing the Farm Bill next time?

Not to Slim Shady this... but will the real Farm Bureau, please stand up?

Maybe this video is an indicator that they are.

Until next time. Stay thirsty my friends.