Politics, Iowa is Awesome and the Freaks...

What up, what up? It’s been a while since we have got all random on you. So let’s give ‘er a shot. Yes, I have been getting your pissy emauls ERRR emails on the lack of postage here. Yes, it’s all my fault. Sorry dudes. I know that this is where some of you get your news on a day to day basis… which on one side is creepy… but really, it’s pretty freaking awesome at the same time. Now… let’s do this thing.

STATE OF THE RACES – Yea… totally didn’t do a State Convention round up. I think we’re way past that now. So how about a little update from the cheap seats? Well… ok. First… The Statewides… been impressed with the team. And yes, I may be a homer on this… but I don’t think I’ve seen a slate of candidates work so hard. They are everywhere. How do I know? Tweets and Facebook. CongressionalsZaun is earning his name… “The hardest working man in Iowa Politics.” Dudes… I’ve seen him in action a few times over the 4th. Dude is doing it. I mean… real good. The guy just really connects with all sorts of people… even the ones who completely disagree. The 3rd District is gonna be fun to watch. Now… I haven’t forgotten Miller-Meeks… she’s working it too. Again… loving her updates.
CONTROL OF THE LEGISLATURE – Starting to feel a breeze in the sails here kids. Now J-Lynch (new nickname for you bruh) over at the CR Gazette had an article the other day (too lazy to look it up… c'mon, this is a blog, not a term paper) that had some analysis on the State House. It for the first time… in a long time… it’s looking really good. Reallly effing good. The State Senate… it’s always been the tough one… are we making movement? I think so. But… gotta see more. An educated guess would have to say that these winds are helping. I’m sure they will email me something soon.


“So and so… i just made the worst pot of coffee ever. i don't know what went wrong. it tastes like i rang out my wife's socks in hot water.”

Not a good way to start your day. Case in point why we need Dunkin Donuts back in the DeMo.

GOV RACE – Lots of ads going on… Now there’s a lot about these 4th of July parades and pictures and all of that stuff. I still think the proof is in the ads… not one positive one out of Team Lug… I mean I get it… I think there’s gonna be some more separation on this… stay tuned.
US SENATE – These "experts" can upgrade the status of this race all they want. Chuck Grassley is gonna win. End. Of. Story. Anyone else find it funny on this kind of push or subtle argument that Roxanne is the standard bearer for the Ds? What happen to the Lug?
IOWA IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE – Uh… (and sorry for the language Grandma, but)... no shit. I find it interesting when politicians want to announce this. And before you Leftys start sending me hate mail and tweets… I mean this for both sides. Here’s the truth that many of you don’t want to hear. Get this… Politicians, media and government did not make Iowa the best place to live, work and play. They didn’t… sorry. It’s the people and our communities that do. End of story. Had a tweet asking, “You mean they had no hand in the quality of schools?” No. They did not. Money and orders from higher up the chain didn’t make Iowa schools top tier. It’s the great teachers and great communities who make our schools great. Not government, the media or politicians. But anyways… good to see all these magazines, websites and other sources are figuring out something we all have known for years… Iowa is the best damn place to be… and no… not just every 4 years. So... take that Minnesota!!!
SHOUT OUT TO THE FREAKS – Yeah man. A week or so ago… I met up with the dudes who write the Des Moines Sports Freaks, Blake and Joe. These dudes are legit. Both Army guys. Both married with kids on the way… and put out an epic blog and radios shows. Fun loving hard working guys. They are hilarious, know their stuff and do the homework when they don't... I know, refreshing, right? Anyways… add them to your daily reads… They are official members of the LBC on my blog roll... up on the right... check it fools!

AND FINALLY – Yes, I know… again. I apologize for the lack of posts… I gots some more coming… so just chill. You. Must. Chill! Speaking of chillin’… check yo self and chill to some Roots… Until then… Stay thirsty my friends.