QCI's Movie Mongol: Slumdog Millionaire

Hey QCI-ders… full disclosure… not much into going to movies… you know unless its huge or something my buddies heckle me about until I see it… then I quote the hell out of it. So as many of our loyal readers know… I have a guy who is so crazy about movies, he burns villages… and he’s Mongolian… hence the name Movie Mongol. Here’s his take on his latest pillage…

Your Movie Mongol took in a New Year's Day film, viewing "Slumdog Millionaire" and all of its glory.

This film gets 5 out of 5 burning villages.

All hype and award nominations aside, this film has the makings of a classic. The rags-to-(maybe)riches story is at once gripping and fluid as you journey through the streets and slums of Mumbai, India.

Mumbai was recently in the news for attacks on a luxury hotel. If these are the only visuals you have of this city, then you are missing a key part to the city and country's poverty-stricken past.

The journey is that of a dirt-poor child who weaves a narrative of whimsical observations, peers and a brother who are pure opportunists, and a love that he can't seem to shake out of his head. All of this is done in a flashback form, as the present-day has him sitting in an interrogator's office, accused of cheating his way through "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

What the viewer quickly learns is, this is no "Quiz Show." The young adult knew each answer to the questions, learned by growing up in the slums in which he dwelled. Pushing cheating aside, you are left wondering if somehow the host in fact did give him some of the answers, if he was just lucky, or if his destiny was "written."

The answer comes at the end, as you root for this young man who was led with a strict moral compass, having never had anything handed to him, working for everything he earned – and learned.

The film is a delight, and certainly worthy of the nominations thus far garnered. I recommend you get on your horse and see why the Movie Mongol is giving this movie five burning villages.

That was a scorcher Movie Mongol (oh I punned)… alright… we gots ourselves a big post tomorrow… stay tuned.