Caucus Countdown: Metallica, Chiefs/Hawks and I Don't Want to Miss What?

Big day… and QCI is on a roll… Rock ‘n Roll that is… but we totally have something you should know about…

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS THIS – Have you always taken some pride in that one song you discovered before everyone else did? Well… QCI-ders…. G$ is here to hook you up… but it’s not a tune… it’s a website… Go to the BeanWalker and sign up for the email list… seriously… do it. You are not going to want to miss out on this… it’s coming in February… sign up and stay tuned.
METALLICA TO BE INDUCTED – Woooot! Today the Rock n Rock Hall of Fame announced that Metallica will be one of the 2009 Inductees. Dudes… this is huge. But does this make me old? I mean… they made it in on the first time eligible… those folks in Canton should pay attention to their Cleveland bretheren… Derrick Thomas should be in the Hall of Fame.
SPEAKING OF THE CHIEFS – They made it official today…. Scott Pioli is the new GM in KC. Which will instantly start the Kirk Ferentz rumors… which will get heated… this is probably his best window to get in the NFL… Hunt doesn’t want a college coach… and now word is starting leak that Herm Edwards still has a pulse… he may stay to finish the last year on his contract.
…SPEAKING OF HAWKEYES TURN CHIEFS – So… Ed Podolak was partying… and got Facebooked…. Now he will no longer be on the broadcasts… this sucks. Bad move Barta… totally shitty move. The Marion Contrarian has a good bit on this. Seriously… this really sucks that he “HAD” to retire… Saturdays in the Fall won’t be the same… who do you think will replace him?

“So and so… just found out that Uranus was discovered on his birthday...let the jokes begin.”

Wow… the 3rd Grade humor part of my brain just exploded by thinking of the proper joke to insert here.

TWEET ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT – So looky, looky… ole Hershel Krustofski is on Twitter. Start following following him… no, don’t get into a whole “Who is Krusty” thing… that’s like listening to that Nickelback song… and getting annoyed because its on everywhere… then it sucks… its so 2006.
OH… IF YOU ARE EATING DINNER – Go ahead and get back to hitting the refresh button on Krusty. Because seriously… this is the most hideous things I’ve heard about eating. I’ve eaten wierder things… but something about this seems wrong.