Caucus Countdown: SOS, Paoli to KC & The Movie Mongol Was Right

Alright… we begin to dabble in the State Politics of Randomnous, QCI-ders. Don’t fake the funk on the nasty dunk… let’s get random.

STATE OF THE STATE – So everything is blowing up on Lug’s Condition of the State address… just look at the LBC… it’s burning… but as a sign of what to expect out of 621 East 9th… the Party Tweeted the the SOS… and the new Chairman came out swinging… check this out…

SOS?!?! It was suggested by a loyal QCI-der that the Supreme Court Justices should have come out in the chamber with Michael Buffer yelling, “Let’s get ready to RUUUMBLE!!!!!” I suggested that they could have hired our pyro guys that we use for our games in the Well… you know… explosions… the upper gallery rockin'… the leadership of both parties come out to “Back in Black” blaring… oh wait… can’t play that… with the ideas presented today… there’s NO WAY our state will be in the black…
VIDEO? REALLY? Condition of the state speeches are to show statesmenship… and leadership… new ideas… um, leadership… instead… Team Big Lug turned today’s SOS… into some sort of national convention production… with a video in the middle of the speech. I find it funny that we can abreviate the speech as S.O.S… yea… our state needs help.

“So and so… finds the Chad Barth and Grant Young brochures as they campaigned for College Republican chair and exec assistant. THAT is worth keeping for 10 years.”

Jungle Juice, trashing presidential suites, miller high life during official meetings, running up someone’s credit card, random hook ups... tommy boy speeches, kicking ass and taking names.... I think I'm going to cry...

PIOLI TO KANSAS CITY!!!!! At least that’s what ESPN is sayin’… Yup, as my Pops said, “It’s Junior’s time to run the show…” (referring to Chairman of the Chiefs Clark Hunt). Great move… does the Kirk Ferentz talk begin?
WARNER FEVER TO HIT IOWA – Former Barnstormer Kurt Warner is like on his 20th comeback… the CR Gazette has a great read on him today. Seriously… put this guy in Canton… you know, when he is done with is 21st and 22nd comeback.
MOVIE MONGOL IS ON HIS GAME – Lest you doubt the power of QCI’s official movie reviewer, The Movie Mongol, “Slumdog Millionaire” swept the Golden Globes, winning in every category in which they were nominated: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score and Best Screenplay. Man he knocked out of the park with his last review that received 5 Burning Villages. So our weary warrior of a critic knows what he’s talking about. Mr. Movie Mongol… if you have some time in between making awesome food at HuHot or after you have finished burning another village… need to check out The Wrestler… that has QCI written all over it.
STAY TUNED… QCI-ders… there’s all sorts of stuff in the hopper… What are you hearing out there?