Mix Tape: Gerry Rafferty

As you are getting the point now... we loves our selves some tunes here at QCI... that's why we decided to roll the Mix Tape feature into somewhat of a daily post all on its own... seriously dudes... today is a good one.. if you have any requests... message me up.

Today the mix tape is Gerry Rafferty... who is like OJ Simpson... say it together QCI-ders... because its such a quilty pleasure. We start off with a classic KIOA tune... "Right Down the Line."

Next... here's the Rafferty classic that was covered on the B-Side of the 1998 hit "My Hero" from the Foo Fighters... the song that got all the kids playing the sax in your high school band... "Baker Street."

Yea... I totally ruined this song for a former office mate back in the day... I played it like 10 times in a row... it's that awesome.