No 'What'ing?

(full disclosure… been wanting to use this picture… it’s from Metallica’s show in Wells Fargo... click on the picture of Kirk Hammett and it instantly gets funnier) New year… new look (kind of) and the randomnous rolls on QCI-ders… we are still messing with the format… and will be revamping the links. As you can see, we’ve added a live feed from the L.B.C… which stands for “The Long Beach Crew” from Snoop Dogg… its just a little update from the blogs in the neighborhood who update their stuff more often. We will add new ones as we roll along… and remove the ones who go dorment… that’s not to say they could return. But enough about that, let’s get to it…
STATE CHAIR FORUM – All eyes were on 621 East 9th. I think just about everyone in the L.B.C. was there… as there have been numerous updates and recaps.
NO GAME CHANGES – There was no real earth shattering developments out of the forum. But the real story was who wasn’t there. As everyone is chriping...
KRUSTY KOMMENTS ARE BACK! The venom that is the comment section of the Heavyweight Champion of the Blogs has returned. Here’s just an observation… while everyone has their candidate for Chair… I think it’s kind of humorous that hypothetical questions of the candidates are asked… and conspiracy theories handed out with aluminum hats… why don’t you guys just contact the candidates? All have emails… some have websites… they are very accessible… just sayin’…
DEACE AT FORUM – Today’s Steve Deace show should be a must listen. He already blogged about the event… Love or hate ‘em… it will be an interesting show.

“So and so… needs a vacation from my Christmas vacation.”

Amen, sister… amen.

IOWANS ROCK TWEETSKudos to IR for tweeting the event Saturday. Great job… but wanted to answer one of them… Location of RPI? The committee picked that location because of the proximity to the Capitol. This way, legislators/leadership could utilize the resources there and not use the state dime for political purposes. It used to be on East 6th and Locust, above where Sticks is now… was there for the same reasons… but instead of paying rent… the party wanted to actually own its own building. I know there were a lot of first timers in the building on Saturday… so just wanted to give ya a little history.
RNC CHAIR RACE – Wouldn’t even have talked about this… because in all honesty, I could care less. I’d rather worry about Iowa first. But I found it interesting that I got an email from Ken Blackwell’s team today… if you think the RPI Race is a circus… then the RNC race makes Eastside Night at the State Fair look more like formal sit down dinner…
FERENTZ TO KANSAS CITY? Talk about tearing at my heart, aye? But, if Captain Kirk leaves Iowa, there’s no where else I’d like to see him go.

AND FINALLY… Let’s get 2009 rocking... crank it up!