Caucus Countdown: Inaugural Randomnous

HERE’S TO YOU PIC - With the all inaugural, all the time coverage we are getting… (and being a 2 time employee of the Presidential Inaugural Committee or PIC)… I thought I’d do a little QCI Tribute Post to this little historical event our country holds every 4 years... in a random way of course. It’s a very special event. I’ll always remember in 2001 what my boss at the time told me… “The most important event is the swearing in… no ifs ands or buts.” With all the balls, parades and parties… its good to remember that is the reason for the event.

Just 4 years ago… I was freezing my ass off parking buses and coordinating cars, living in a 2 bed room apartment with like 6-8 people depending on the day and giving the District of Columbia a little dose of El Camino Republicanism before the term was even coined. But to those of us who have had the honor to work for PIC… you are in the mindset of, “We’re freezin’ for a reason.” I could go on and on about all of the cool stuff involved with the planning… the VIPs… the Security… the military involvement… the boring meetings… the new friends you meet… all a part of a peaceful transfer of power. It’s pretty cool to be there in person… but more fun behind the scenes.

“So and so… has figured out a stimulus plan. $10 for everytime I have to give someone directions or answer a stupid question. Recession averted. Thanks Obama.”

Looks like the locals in DC are saying “over it” with the Inaugural. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been anyone killed yet for standing on the wrong side of escalator. They take it serious out there people…

PIOLI FOR CHANGE? Yea… if you’re a Chiefs fan he is. The drama continues over at One Arrowhead Drive… thought you all would love that graphic that’s been surfacing up on Chiefs blogs and message boards.
SALUTE TO GEORGE W. BUSH – We say good bye to the Bush administration. You can say what you want about him… disagree with him… whatever you want… but of all the breaks I ever got in politics, he was one of them… and to this day I’m still honored to be associated with him and the years I spent working for his campaigns. Here’s a little video that I hope when its all said and done… how he is really remembered.