He's at it again! Welcome back QCI Hawkeye Coorespondent Howard Jones for the IOWA-iowa state Preview. Go Howie and Go HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings QCI-ders –

This week is Iowa’s Super Bowl and no local Super Bowl is complete without a breakdown from Mr. Jones.

Nothing inspires like the Counting Crows…

First of all let’s start with some smack:

Q: How do you know the playboy on ISU’s campus?

A: He’s the one with a sheep under each arm…


Let’s get to the game:

First of all the home team has won the last 4 in a row in this annual match up of awesome versus lucky and that should give the hometown Hawks an edge heading into Saturday. Kinnick will no doubtedly look something like this (only during the daytime):

and sound like Grant’s you tube post on Monday.

I think Iowa’s biggest edge is going to be on the DL. You are all well aware of my embarrassing man-crush on Mitch King, Matt Kroul and Adrian Clayborn. ISU’s line is young and has had some varying levels of success against some soft competition. If this group plays up to par and dominates the line of scrimmage like they are capable then ISU is going to have a tough time moving the ball consistently. This will be a good test for Arnaud and Bates to see if they are up to BCS competition and one of the best 10 or 20 DL in the country.

Iowa’s defense has allowed 3 points so far this season. ISU has given up 45. I expect ISU to score more than 15 points against Iowa this year, but not many more than 15…

On offense it will truly be interesting to see how Stanzi handles success. I believed that the team couldn’t handle a Christensen meltdown but he hasn’t had a meltdown, he’s been solid, Stanzi’s just been better thus far.

Three burning questions for the Hawks on Saturday:
1. Will the QB rotation continue or has Stanzi secured the job?
2. Will the OL open up the holes that have been there through the first 2 games this year?
3. Will the receivers continue to hold onto the ball?

Three burning questions for the cyclones:
1. Can they win the turnover battle? Without it I don’t think they can pull it off
2. Can they build an advantage on Special Teams and big plays?
3. Does Seneca Wallace have any eligibility left?

I believe Iowa will win the game 24-16. I do think ISU will cover the ridiculously high spread but for the foreseeable future I’m taking the home team in this series.

Here’s to 50 degree weather, a brat and a beer! Cheers and Go Hawks!