Alright… let’s get this crappy blog back on track with more posts.

OFFICIAL QCI REVIEW – Metallica’s Death Magnetic
Having listened to the entire album… a bunch of times… there are millions of words I would say about the 9th studio album by the Gods of rock. But I won’t, so here’s the breakdown. First, if you love the old school sound you’ll love it. It’s fast, it’s heavy… and it’s awesome. To sum up this album, let me put it to you like this… the Master of Puppets Album baby’s mama is the Justice album… Death Magnetic, be the baby. Caution, you will need a neck brace… for all of the headbanging will give you WHIPLASH!!!

RUSH LIMBAUGH – How great is it to listen to him again? Just a random thought… it’s great to be a Republican… and Rush is on his game.

THE GAME – Hell yes!!! Less than 24 hours to go! You know what QCI-ders… local sports coverage is done slobbering about Shawn Johnson… and on to better things… namely the BIG GAME, IOWA/iowa state or i-state… (seriously, you ‘Clone fans and alums are going to except this i-state branding?)

Let’s end the week with REAL smack! You got predictions? A good IOWA or i-state slam? Bring it QCI-ders!!!! There are prizes for closest score prediction. Best smack. And best comeback smack.

QCI Prediction: IOWA 42, i-state 7… but would be surprised if this game got more out of hand…

Best smack I’ve heard this week from a buddy: “I know it’s a heated rivalry with the Iowa/Iowa State game, but Senator Obama, you should apologize to the Iowa State Cheerleaders for your lipstick comment.”

Hawk fans, don’t forget to wear black! Have fun everyone! And bring the smack. Don’t bring this weak ass stuff up in this humpy bumpy!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!