DAMN HAWKS PART DEUX – Damn it Hawks… damn it. So the Heartbreak Hawks did it again. But look at it this way… now that I am finished with my 6 plus temper tantrums that spawned from the loss to Northwestern, I think I have a positive way to look at it. The Defense looked great. Stanzi the Manzi looked good… and he even manned up to the fumble on the post game show… saying “That was all me” about his fumble… classy Stanzi the Manzi… classy.

Dudes, if we don’t turn the ball over 5 times… we win that game. Shit, we turn over the ball 2 times and we win. I’m just saying, we play like that and not turn over the ball, the good guys may win another game.

Also, while I know I get behind these fads and hipster things of late (NKOTB just hit the Jewell air waves, humor me)… came across this hilarious and informative Hawk blog called: “Black Heart Gold Pants.” Check Ch Ch Ch Check it out…

CHIEEEEEFS!!!!! Holy shit! They won! And they looked damn good. Now, you know I’m gonna gloat about this… haven’t felt this good about a Chiefs win since… well, since October of 2007, the last time they won a game… This thing had everything that makes a jihadist Chiefs smile. First, out defense punched the Donks in the face early. Very physical. Then of course, it’s the Denver game. Nothing makes us smile than watching the shitty haircut 12 year old bitch boy Jay Cutler go down… did you see the cheap shot towards the end of the game? Is Jay gownna cwy? A little Chiefs trivia… what does Arrowhead Stadium call Mike Shanahan? The answer, “My Bitch.” Shanahan is now 3-11 at Arrowhead.

THE DEBATE – You’ve had an entire weekend for your post debate spin… I’ll keep mine simple… cause I’m minimal like that… Here is the official QCI take of the debate Friday:

Senator Obama should write a handwritten thank you note to John McCain for showing up Friday and giving him a lesson on foreign policy.

NANCY PELOSI IS A DUMB ASS – A little breaking news crap for you… Seriously? You’ve got everyone on pins and needles… and you wanna make a crack about POTUS before a serious vote? The Fly Boys are all over it. Hershel is on it. Listen, George Bush may not be your particular brand of vodka… but… are you f’ing kidding me? Have you all been watching the Dow? Holy shit… haven’t seen anything drop that fast since I witnessed the beer level in the Octobong with some fun loving coeds at an Iowa Tailgate… those girls weren’t messing around that day.

DUDE… Here’s a little song in honor Paul Newman… man that guy was good. Absolutely love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… so here you go… let’s have a sing-a-long!