Harkin Shops and Sixteen is the New Ten...

I know... I know... this is the typical Iowan thing to say... but the weather... how much does it suck?

Yeah I agree... totally goats.

Alright... here's a handful of thoughts.

So why don't I just share them with the rest of the World on the interwebs?

OK, OK... calm down, I will.

TOM HARKIN DON'T BUY HIS GROCERIES IN IOWA - Yeah... it's true. How do I know this? See this article from the NYT. Hmmmmm... I wonder where the closest Whole Foods or Trader Joe's is to his post office box in Cumming? "Oh G$!! No one cares where he gets his groceries!" You know what? You might have a point... but I'm just saying... Anytime I happen to stop at Ingerdahls here in the DeMo, I always run into GMLB errr Leonard Boswell... pushing his cart and getting the stuff... Oh and Ingerdahls is in Iowa... you know... who he represents... What's Senator Harkin gonna say next? His favorite place to get gas is at a 7-11? C'mon son. *cough* Casey's *cough cough* Urgh... oh uh excuse me.
BIG TEN EXPANSION - Dudes... I'm kind of starting to get obsessed with this whole story. Hear me now and believe me later... Notre Dame will become a member of the Big Ten Conference and college sports as we know it will change forever. Oh and don't believe this Syracuse/Rutgers bit to get some sort of the New York TV share. It's not worth it... you'll get more views by adding Notre Dame than you would adding both schools combined. Trust me. My prediction/dream picks for Big Ten Expansion? Notre Dame, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas.. The Domers... that's obvious. Mizzou... solidifies the STL market (and entire state) and swoops KC. The Huskers... just for the brand name and their loyal watching fans... KU... you finish off KC (entire state of KS) and like Nebraska, gives the academic angle. And in the end? You create a midwest superpower conference. No need to head East. I'll chirp more on this another time.


"So and so... had the Eggplant parm at cafe de Scala over the weekend. can't stop thinking about it. i also have gnats in my office, and thats both bothersome and annoying. plus the jackass that lives behind me, put 'rain barrels' around his house. what a doucher."

In some strange way... I understand this update.

THE THINGS WE CHOOSE TO CARE ABOUT - I'm kind of news junkie... so I will admit... I might even be calling myself out with this. But... seriously kids... the things we choose to care about in this country can be absurd at times. Gossip and other non important things... But, I really don't thing people are getting it. Case in point... This oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Activists are screaming on both sides. Corporate execs are quickly coming up with excuses with their 200 lawyers in tow... Politicians are scrambling to score political points, blame past policies for this incident... oh and holding hearings. Hearings.... effing hearings. I've said it before and I'll say it until these numb nuts figure it out. How about we clean up the oil first? Am I completely off on this? Seriously.

AND FINALLY - For some reason on a rainy day this one treat me well. Awe the videos of the 90s... where being "alternative" was the new cool. Stay thirsty my friends.