Just a few things...

QCI-ders... Lot's of stuff coming your way... less than 2 weeks to go for the big primary night. So here's a few quick things.

WILL FOLKS AND SOUTH CAROLINA - We're following this story now. We made a bet with ole Sic Willie of FITSNews on the Outback Bowl (Hawkeyes vs Gamecocks) a couple years back. Now he is in the middle of a scandal that is rocking the Palmetto State. Our position? We actually believe Folks on this one... Yups... I said it... Also, a sidenote... when "national leaders" like Sarah Palin comment on stories like this... It makes us take you 10 times less seriously.
POLK COUNTY DIN DIN - What up, what up! Newt's returnin' to the DeMo for the Polk County GOP Event. And what does the world's crappiest blog have for you? Well, a press pass... We'll be there with some live tweeters. So if you refuse to not participate in the social media thing... because you think you're cool... you can follow along on the right hand side of this blog.
WHAT TO WATCH FOR - At tonight's Polk County Thinger... there's gonna be peeps who are gonna focus on the whole Newt thing. We'll say it here first... he ain't runnin'. So if that's all you media types are gonna focus on... have at it hoss. The best peep watching will be the candidates and their teams... less than 2 weeks out... the faces of staff, volunteers... and yes the candidates themselves tell a lot... if you know what you're looking for.
YOU'RE PUTTING A LOT OF STOCK INTO THIS EVENT G$ - Yeah dude... this is Polk County. While the 98 counties of the rest of you hate to hear it... this is Polk effing County. It's 10% of the vote. Plus, I'll argue that this will be one of the most successful fundraisers in the history of the Polk County Party... hell, this is going to be the most successful county party fundraiser in the state. And by successful, I'm talking dollars... nice work DK.

More to come... see you on the Tweeters later... and of course... Stay thirsty my friends....