Strange, Book and National DK Day...

Oh look... the rain looks like it might wanna stop.

That's some good news!

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon awesome... Just straight out of no where? Yups... Happened to me last night.

WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE - Yeah man... Just minding my own business and totally stumbled upon a great documentary that I acutally been wanting to see. When You're Strange: a story about the Doors... Narrated by Johnny Depp. All actual footage... Great play by play of the 54 months the band was together. It came out earlier this year... It has been making its rounds at film festivals and was pleasantly surprised to see it on PBS last night. If you love the Doors, Jim Morrison, music history... Or just dig great documentaries in general... You should check it out Friday night or set your Tivos. Really well done.
EPIC BOOK UPDATE - My Book Team gave me the green light to share what's going on with my upcoming book... I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry That I'm Awesome. Freaking thing is very time consuming. But thanks for all the ideas and encouragement. I love it when I'm out with the peeps and they're all like, "Dude, is that going in th book?" Maybe? Ilm working on some of th illustrations now... Because you know, some peeps just like looking at the pictures. It's because I care. I'm a giver.


"So and so... How did my 8th grade Lunch lady get Nominated to the Supreme Court?"

That's a little cold isn't it... wait... that's kind of hilarious. Sloppy Joe, Sloppy Sloppy Joe...

POLITICAL QUICK HITS - I figure we're a month away from the Primary here in the Hawkeye State... I should probably chrip a little more about it. Something that is catching my attention? Three things... And let me channel my inner Tim Russert... Ads, Ads and Ads. Statewide... Its Terry Branstad and Rod Roberts... Is BVP up yet? Let me know if I missed it. Here in the 3rd... Jim Gibbons and Brad Zaun are up. I think Gibbon's ad is very well done. I'm still undecided though. Out East... While I only get to see 'em via the web... Is Steve Rathje. I have no Dog in this one... But I'm impressed with his ad. Well done and very good message on jobs. I should say in full disclosure... I'm not an ad expert at all... But... I do watch a lot of TV... I don't even know what the hell I'm trying to say... Oh well.
IT'S NATIONAL DK DAY - Yes, one of the true Amreican Patriots... A True American Treasure... Epic Historian... Freaking Amazing Dude... and when someone has ever been refered to as one of the Good Guys... this dude is the prototype. Yes, he's our hero and its his birthday! Ginormous QCI shout out to our main man Darrell Kearney! Dude is 69 today... Wait... WHAT?!!!! THIS IS EFFING AWESOME! 69!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yesssssssss! Here's to an epic day to you, sir.

AND FINALLY... This one needs no introduction... Stay thirsty my friends...