Feelin' Alright...

After a very long week of stuff... I get rewarded the start of a new week with a dreary day like this? Oh well... it is what is.

Now... some of you may know, I loves myself some karaoke. It's just a lot of fun when me and my cohorts take over some random joint... and destroy it with epic karaoke awesomeness. Not to be all hipster on you, but it truely is a gas.

Lately when I hit these joints... I try to celebrate the entire John Belushi catalog. From the blues to the spoofs... its completely off the chain. So I thought... on a day like today... rainy and cold... peeps could use a little cheering up with a great song. Enter Joe Cocker... and yes... John Belushi spoofing him at the same time. I'm telling ya man, crank this mofo. Stay thirsty my friends.