9.30.09 - Yeah.... pretty much sums up what Chiefs fans are similar to...


I gots markers...

OK QCI-ders... the editor of the World's Crappiest Blog is coloring again. So... here comes a new feature... QCI Funnies (kind of)... We'll touch on just about everything... so stay tuned... hopefully we don't turn the World's Crappiest Blog... in to the Suckiest... enjoy.

9.29.09 - Seahawks Jerseys


Baseball, the Arts & South High Til Ya Die

What up QCI-ders. How a little bitof randomnous to start your weekend? OK? Good. Plus... check out our new baseball logo thinger. Pretty bad ass. Now, all we need to start is a QCI Softball team. Sleeves optional of course.

Who's in? Email me up.

So speaking of baseball... here's a couple of cool baseball stoires that caught the eyes of the QCI staff...

ONLY IN THE VBC - So I think this one is starting to get around. But in case you missed it... here's a gem of a story that may shake your head... but will also make you say... Only in the VBC.

IRAQI BASEBALL TEAM - So as many loyal QCi-ders know... I'm kind of a sports art geek. I subscribe to a bunch of catalogs and such... and now... since many of these small companies are are niche markets... they have been doing a great job of new media outreach to their customers... For an example... Ebbets Field Flannels. Along time leader in authentic throwback jerseys. Here's a cool story from their blog on how they outfitted the Iraqi National Baseball Team with new digs. Very cool stuff.


"So and so... is hoping that the Dave Matthews Band doesnt drop a bus load of shit on me. I'm wearing a snappy little outfit i "rented" from Von Maur, to the show tonight. Even though thier return policy rocks, i doubt they'll take it back if its soaked in band turd. Crash into me . . . Bitches!"

I. Cannot. Make. These. Things. Up!

SPEAKING OF DOWNTOWN AND THINGS GOING ON IN THA DEMO - Man... the DeMo is hopping now with stuff to do. I mean... Dave Matthews Band at Sec Taylor? (Yeah... I still call it Sec Taylor... Deal with it.) Anyhoop... so everyone is (snicker) all glowing about the Sculpture Garden downtown. Its hideous. And I've said it before...but Tim Burton called, he wants with movie set back. I mean... when did a nice little park downtown turn into Beetlejuice? And... to get your inner fiscal conservative going $20 + million for this?

Listen, I don't want to turn this into a DAMN IT RANT, but I have no problem with peeps who want to spend money on the arts. I wish more private citizens and foundations could do more. For real, there are 1,000s of people out there with great gifts and these dollars are well worth the investment.... that being said... even for me... it just looks wierd. I mean. so out of place...

They started first way back with the Meredith Corp erecting (hahaha erect) a ginormous garden spade. Which, I'll give coolness points because its similar to Nelson-Atkins Museum in KC. A little wierd at first... but the locals seem to dig it now. But all that stuff at once? For real. Yeah...I look at that thing and I want to say Bettlegeuse, Beeetlegeuse, BEETLEGEUSE!

BEAT STORY! Yup... its an epic battle up in God's Country tonight! The Mighty South Hamilton Hawks with their white helmets that stand for all that is right and the cursive "Hawks" that stand as a symbol of excelence... with cardinal red jerseys that are glorious and a beacon of freedom... will be facing the hated Roland Story Norsemen with their dreadful white roads jerseys and black with sin pants. It's basically the Iowa/Iowa State game for folks back home tonight. Good versus evil. One of the most heated small school rivalries that no matter what the records are... it will be a street brawl.

The good news is... that in Jewell we will actually have people who know how to run a game clock correctly... if you ain't from there... you won't get it. GO HAWKS! BEAT STORY!

AND FINALLY... All this talk about high school football makes a fella want to crank some tunes.... where's Ubben when you need him to bring his Korn tape!


Just a little garage band...

Yo QCI-ders... we say this a lot... we tease... but today... new dawns begin at the World's Crappiest Blog. We have new shiznit coming. As well as the same old shiznit. We're like fine tuning some stuff in the garage of the QCI HQ...

So hang tight, stand back and be ready to kick ass. Basically if you wanted a YouTube Video to discribe what we are up to... here it is...


Against the Code...

Alright... so, at least we're finding out a little more about the readership of the World's Crappiest Blog. Not surprisingly... but somedays, no matter how upset or just plain annoyed on how bad your favorite team is playing... you get calls.

Yesterday's post on on the Chiefs, of which we will be constantly talking about (no new news here)... did drop some bad language and per a phone I recieved from a family member. "Grant, you really don't need to use that language. I know you're upset. But there is no need." OK... my bad. I hear ya. So will work on that. But can't promise anything, as you know, this is the World's Crapiest Blog.

Anyways. Some some punk bitch former White House Staffer (oops... sorry... that's what he is) is pretty much breaking the cardinal... nah f'ing epic secret code of being a staffer. This douche bag named Matt Latimer has a book coming out... even James Carville is on board with calling this dude trash...

Our boy Scotty Stanzel has the post of the day on this thing... MUST READ OF THE DAY...

Ch ch chchchc Check it out...

Seriously... There are things you do and don't do as a staffer, namely when you're working for POTUS... or anyone for that matter...

All in the name of self promotion, money and getting your 15 minutes. Well... hope the dude like being the mayor of Toolville USA...

Alright... now to lighten up with a classic... enjoy.


Urgh... QCI Chiefs Recap....

OK... so this week really started like a big bag of shit burning on your front porvch. And yes, we even stomped on it.... because... why not... But have no fear my fine feathered friends... We're still beleives here at QCI HQ when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Being a Chiefs fan right now... it's like we're all parents of of wierd ass teenagers... hopefully soon, they will grow out of it and move on to greatness. While patience can run thin at time... that's what we got on our side. Time. There's no use turning in to Jason Whitlock and go ape shit... well... he's just pissed about the new media stuff over at One Anrrowhead Drive... "Scott Ego-li?" For real... get bent.

Nah, we absolutely feel good about the future of the Chiefs. For real we do.... its just how yesterday's loss, well burns. The fucking Raiders? Seriously? (oh yeah... today's post isn't for the faint hearted language users... got it?) Yeah, the fucking Raiders have won now in arrowhead 3 years in a row. It. Just. Really. Stings.

Real Chiefs fans know how to deal with this... and real Chiefs fans actually do feel good about the future... well long term at least. We'll be good with the Chiefs totally shitting the bed once in a while, its rebuilding time. Just keep remembering that... oh and repeating that 5 times in the mirror in the morning helps too... "It's rebuilding time in KC... It's rebuilding time in KC..." Do it... you'll thank me later.

So yeah... we're glad to get this off our chest... so let's go through a few notes from Sudnay... shall we?

1. Arrowhead Stadium - The loudest stadium in the NFL. Period. Do't bring anything else our way. Seriously,when was the last time any NFL home crowd forced 3 false starts... IN A ROW. No place else but Arrowhead... sweet sweet holy Arrowhead.

2. Brandon Flowers - Love that he's back. He is the key to the future for the Chiefs defense. Need to pull some of them passes and and we're good to go. Stay health Brandon, dear God please stay healthy.

3. Matt Cassel - Yeah, I said it. I like his guts yesterday... but dude, you gotta learn to slide. They are paying you too much. OK? Glad we could have this talk.

4. NEW Cheerleader Unis - Buh. Dayam. Yes, I'm recapping the game and just made a comment about their unis. Humina humina humnia... and yes Amy, you should Brett Favre it. As an anwser to you Tweet.

5. The War Chant - 2 minutes to... and another shot to win... 70,000 plus of your closest friend doing the tomahawk chop. Some may think its over done... some may call it racist.. but I'll tell you that every single hair on the back of your neck will be standing... that. was. awesome.
6. There Is Room for Improvement - I mean it can't get any worse, right? We'll be back. In Pioli we trust.
7. Haley IS Making An Impact - You thinkit was dumb to put star players on the 3rd string to teach them a lesson? Who is making an impact? Hmmmm... looks like D. Johnson is back to being a beast. D. Bowe... he's our Larry Fitzgerald now... beast. LJ... you can tell he his attitude ahs changed... the jusry is still out if he still has diapers on... we will see. I personally like a coach who expects the best everytime. Haley does. And come time when this thing is put together... look out. The Country Club is closed.


Just when you think fate will never happen...

So you're sayng there's a chance......

Remeber all those wise cracks of... "Ya... better chance of that happening than me hooking up with..."

Um. She's in the East Village today.

That's all I got... for real. Elizabeth Shue in the DeMo.


CC: Geeks, T-Shirts and Bat Shit Crazy

So... yeah... the Countdown is bringing some sexy back... kind of. If you are a huge dork (and admitting it is the first step towards acceptance) then... this Countdown maybe for you... or maybe because we are some of the most random ass people around... gonna go with that. We're sorry. We're sorry we are so awesome.
STILL GEEKING OUT - So yea QCI-ders... the inner sports geek is running wild in the HQ this week. Not like in the way of stats... but straight up useless trvia and other stuff... oh and get this... the MLB logo is 40 years old... here's the dude who made it... he gets honors at Yankee Stadum and Citi Field this week... did you know the original idea was to only use this logo for one year? Crazy... Oh and get this.. its not Harmon Killebrew... whoah...
SUPER GEEKED OUT SHIRTS - Alright... now this is a very obscure t-shirt joint. Specifically for Philly fans... but if you half way know the players and references... the shirts are amazing! If you're a Philly fan... you're welcome.

YOU NEED SPORTS GEEKED OUT SHIRTS YOU CAN UNDERSTAND? OK... the name of this store says it call. Sportscrack.com. Sports Crack?!?!? Best. Store. Name. Evar. Check this out... you all can thank me later... The "Tailgate Like a Champion" shirt went straight to the op of my Christmas list... Jesus Jokes are funny...
Oh... and calm down... you know JC has a sense of humor so stop the hateraide emails... chill.. the. F. out...


"So and so... has a broken fridge and a boat load of spoiled food. My life coach said 'i dont have bad luck, i just make bad decisions'. I'm on my way to his office to punch him in the f*cking throat."

So awesome... speaking of people who need life coaches...

- Ok... so... you get a presidential speech that looks more like Prime Minister's Questions, enter Joe Wilson. Sigh... then instead of a real debate on an important (yet uber boring... or I said it) issue like health care... you get a who should apologize debate. Double sigh... oh, but you would think this is more important...
Then... in a sport where ladies are ladies... and gentlemen are gentlemen... you get a sport where they are dropping more cuss words than the back of a Stanhope school bus... yup Tennis. Enter Serena and Federer... F this... F that... nice... triple sigh...
That it? Hell nah... MTV... Kanye... he didnt even cuss in this one... but damn man... (OK, we secretly agree with Kanye... oh yes we said that too!)
Are we done? Sigh... of course not... then POTUS unites the country! Even right wingers and lefties are having a Coke and a smile when POTUS calls Kanye a jackass.
You want to know what's jackass? That this is all we have been talking about in the mainstream media this week. You know... because there's nothing else important going on... you know... like a cure for cancer and shit like that... just saying.

because we're in a mood now... and this feels so right... enter Dr. Denis Leary...


G$ gets Geeked out...

OK QCI-ders... how about that Monday Night? Whoah... well how about the first week of the season. So... as some of you know, this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the American Football League.

So the NFL is going all out with the tributes... Did you see these throwbacks!?!? Uniwatch has go you covered.

Oh... and Patriots Cheerleaders? Digging the Song Girl look... BAM!

As a Chiefs fan and now really a student of the History of the AFL... I'm completely geeking out. I mean... dayum. And not to get totally cheesy on you... Lamar Hunt has to be smiling from ear to ear. If you are a fan of Pro Football... you need to thank Lamar Hunt. (here's everything you need to know about him in case you don't)

Basically... here's a few reasons you should know why Lamar is the reason why your Sundays in the Fall are awesome:

1. After being reject franchises by the NFL... he started his own. The AFL.
2. If you are a Chiefs, Raiders, Jets, Chargers, Broncos, Patriots, Bills, Dolphins, Bengals or Titans fan... you should thank Lamar. Oh... don't forget the Falcons and Saints too...
3. You like the Super Bowl? Oh yeah... he came up with the name.
4. You like modern day NFL... um, you can thank him for brokering the merger of the leagues.
5. You like players from small colleges going on to become Hall of Famers? He and other AFL teams began this practice.
6. You like seeing other teams play on Thanksgiving other than Dallas and Detroit? Thank Lamar he pushed for that for years... and was finally reward with a game in KC... even though he was in a Dallas hospital.

There are a ton more reasons... sorry... I'm completely geeking out... but after watching those 2 GREAT and EXCITING games last night... I just could help to think how much pride he and the entire Hunt family must be feeling this year... A maverick league and visionary that dared to change everything... pretty cool if you ask me.


Ocho Cinco = Awesome

Alright... we're big fans of Ocho cinco here at QCI HQ.

Check out this interview from Thursday Night. Best 8 minutes spent... evar.


CC: I got poked on Facebook... wha?!?

So... not much going down... You know, because football has basically taking over all of our lives here at the QCI HQ... but I guess we could really attempt at posting... you know... 'cause we keep it real.

Not gonna be our best effort, so... here's some CC that is more like a quick hit...

FACEBOOK - Alright... the whole damn world is jumping on the band wagon... but here's a link you should check out... this is why your Mom shouldn't be on Facebook. Whoops!

IOWA/IOWA STATE - Check with me later this week... but for some dumb ass reason... I couldn't be anyless excited about the game... like I said... check with me later... Maybe because... um... Because I watched the Hawks shart it Saturday... but like I said, check with me by the endof the week. I'm sure I'll be all jihaded up.

OBAMA SCHOOL SPEECH - Blahhhhh blahhhhh... blahhhhh blahhhhhhh blah blah blah blahhhhhhhh... Couldn't. Care. Any. Less... blah..... blah.... Oh yeah I said it.


"So and so... doesnt know how it happened, but i ate 1/2 a peach pie for lunch. i mean really? what the hell is wrong with me? i swear i've worn smarter shoes than myself. i couldnt help it, that pie was f*cking taunting me. yeah well, whose laughing now peach pie bitch?"

Wow... some peeps say, "Don't play with your food." Damn...

AND FINALLY... So yeah... we're all becoming Ocho Cinco fans around here... but super sad he is retiring from Twitter... But that don't stop him from being awesome on Hard Knocks... Fellas... listen up, here's OCho's advice on getting some digits.... pay attention....


Rooting for the Hawks is bad for your Health...

OK QCI-ders... it's the most wonderful time of the year... football season... or... for some reason... the most stressfull time of the year hear at QCI... because, you see. We just turn ino jihadist Hawk fans instantly. Hard to explain, because, I'll be the first to tell you... I'm not that great of a Hawkeye fan compared to many of my close friends.

I don't read scouting reports, I don't know which Chicago suburb they come from... and usually I won't know their full name until they completely shit the bed on a play. That being said, I'm you basic jihadist nationalist Hawkeye fan. In Kirk I trust... and the Hawks are it for me once I hear Gary Dolphin on the air. Then, I become this completely different animal... kind of like the Thriller video... yeah... I have sweet dance moves...

Anyhoop, today's game against the Teachers College really tested the limits of the said Hawkeye Jihad. I mean... this off season didn't make you so proud to be a Hawk. For real... then to go through this today... child please.

Now... today's Hawkeye gameday experience was enhanced with Twitter and Facebook... of which... for my health and safety... and as well as the health and safety of others... bad idea. I mean new cuss words are created and so on and so on. Anyway... here's my very uneducated takes from today:

1. If someone asks you if you are a God, you say YES!
2. If the ball is blocked on a field goal attempt... YOU F'ING PICK IT UP OR JUMP ON IT!
3. Take away Christian Ballard's scholarship. Yup, you heard me.
4. Oh Hunter had a shot at it too? Good. Then take his scholarship away too and kick his ass out of the dorms tonight.
5. Lets hope the coaching staff and players review the rules... you know, since these guys are the f'ing highest paid state employees. Chet Culver sleeps a little easier tonight... even he knows you jump on the damn ball...
6. Someone said, "Plus look at it like this. What team can do an 8 play goal line stand and block 2 consecutive FG attempts!" Nah... I wouldn't think of this as the Hawks shitting the bed on this one... but sharting. Less messy but still not good anyway you look at it.
7. If a ball is on the ground on a field goal attempt, you jump on it. This is not rocket science. They teach you this shit in pee wee football for Christ's sake.
8. A win is a win.
9. On Iowa.
10. Go Hawks.

Whew... here's some Ocho Cinco to help you forget the Hawks sharting todays game....