Urgh... QCI Chiefs Recap....

OK... so this week really started like a big bag of shit burning on your front porvch. And yes, we even stomped on it.... because... why not... But have no fear my fine feathered friends... We're still beleives here at QCI HQ when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Being a Chiefs fan right now... it's like we're all parents of of wierd ass teenagers... hopefully soon, they will grow out of it and move on to greatness. While patience can run thin at time... that's what we got on our side. Time. There's no use turning in to Jason Whitlock and go ape shit... well... he's just pissed about the new media stuff over at One Anrrowhead Drive... "Scott Ego-li?" For real... get bent.

Nah, we absolutely feel good about the future of the Chiefs. For real we do.... its just how yesterday's loss, well burns. The fucking Raiders? Seriously? (oh yeah... today's post isn't for the faint hearted language users... got it?) Yeah, the fucking Raiders have won now in arrowhead 3 years in a row. It. Just. Really. Stings.

Real Chiefs fans know how to deal with this... and real Chiefs fans actually do feel good about the future... well long term at least. We'll be good with the Chiefs totally shitting the bed once in a while, its rebuilding time. Just keep remembering that... oh and repeating that 5 times in the mirror in the morning helps too... "It's rebuilding time in KC... It's rebuilding time in KC..." Do it... you'll thank me later.

So yeah... we're glad to get this off our chest... so let's go through a few notes from Sudnay... shall we?

1. Arrowhead Stadium - The loudest stadium in the NFL. Period. Do't bring anything else our way. Seriously,when was the last time any NFL home crowd forced 3 false starts... IN A ROW. No place else but Arrowhead... sweet sweet holy Arrowhead.

2. Brandon Flowers - Love that he's back. He is the key to the future for the Chiefs defense. Need to pull some of them passes and and we're good to go. Stay health Brandon, dear God please stay healthy.

3. Matt Cassel - Yeah, I said it. I like his guts yesterday... but dude, you gotta learn to slide. They are paying you too much. OK? Glad we could have this talk.

4. NEW Cheerleader Unis - Buh. Dayam. Yes, I'm recapping the game and just made a comment about their unis. Humina humina humnia... and yes Amy, you should Brett Favre it. As an anwser to you Tweet.

5. The War Chant - 2 minutes to... and another shot to win... 70,000 plus of your closest friend doing the tomahawk chop. Some may think its over done... some may call it racist.. but I'll tell you that every single hair on the back of your neck will be standing... that. was. awesome.
6. There Is Room for Improvement - I mean it can't get any worse, right? We'll be back. In Pioli we trust.
7. Haley IS Making An Impact - You thinkit was dumb to put star players on the 3rd string to teach them a lesson? Who is making an impact? Hmmmm... looks like D. Johnson is back to being a beast. D. Bowe... he's our Larry Fitzgerald now... beast. LJ... you can tell he his attitude ahs changed... the jusry is still out if he still has diapers on... we will see. I personally like a coach who expects the best everytime. Haley does. And come time when this thing is put together... look out. The Country Club is closed.