Bringing the sexy back with the Peach! So yo... the B-Dub has an awesome article on a certain former HyVee Employee turned Super Bowl MVP. Check it here.
But... the cool part, as a Chiefs fan... was to read the interview with Dick Vermeil. I mean... of all the coaches in the Chiefs organization... I gotta say... Vermeil was my favorite... (well, maybe a tie with Marty Schottenheimer... still loves me some Marty Ball...) But anyway... those two guys were my favorites, because of the raw emotion they would wear on their sleeves...
Nothing sends chills up this Chief's than watching those guys give speeches... Here's some stuff to get you all fired up for the weekend! CHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now... having a hard time finding some old school Marty clips... but how about some DT clips? I mean, #58 was the key to Marty Ball... gotta find the clip from Marty to Derrick, "Derrick, you need to put that Quarterback on his ass, got it?" DT: "Yes sir."