Acts of Awesomeness

This is so weird... but awesome at the same time. So today... for some odd reason... (I'm seriously blaming a full moon or something)... people are acting bat shit crazy lately... and at the same time... exuding awesomeness. I mean... well... the bat shit crazy part... Yeah... peeps are acting funny... hard to explain... but there seems to be a hitch in the getty up of peeps..

That being said... from reading your emails... notes from straight up people watching... and talking to some loyal readers... you all are livin' it up... El Camino style... I mean... not only acting like the bad asses that we all know El Caminos are... but cool and awesome at the same time. How about a couple examples... shall we? Since we are living in weird, yet awesome time... let's just call this post... "Acts of Awesomeness"...

Act of Awesomeness #1 - So... a loyal reader said he moved to Clive... and he was like "Sorry G$, I'm in West Des Moines." I was like, "Nah man, yous in Clive... not West Des Moines. So you're good to go." And he was like, "Yeah man." And I was like, "West Des Moines sucks." And he was like, "West Des Moines does suck." See... its awesome that this loyal reader thought he was disapointing the World's Crappiest Blog because he moved to Clive. Not disappointed. But 20 bad ass Awesome points for knowing that, West Des Moines... sucks. See this act of awesomeness is about the El Camino mindset... awesome.

Act of Awesomeness #2 - Out grabbing some food with a couple of loyal readers and even better El Caminos the other day... it was one of these joints where you take a number... they call it... you go and get your grub... right? So me and a crew were waiting our table... Then the dude at the counter says, "Number 69..." Which gets a load of snickers from our table... no one is answering... the dude yelled it loud, "NUMBER 69!" Diet soda is coming out of our noses at this point... Dude yells again, and now he's a little pissed, "NUMBER 69!!!" Then out of no where... a lady from a table full of high class business types stands and yells, "Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!" And goes to pick up the trays of food. Do I have to explain why this was an act of awesomeness?

Thinking this may be a new feature... do you have some "Acts of Awesomeness"? Use the comment section or shoot me an email.