CC: Even with sweet hair yous gots no shots

Whew... what a week QCI-ders! Lots of stuff happening. So the crew here at QCI HQ is sifting through the randomonous... and has been purging through the archives. We're pack rats... but something has to give... not really in order...
SARAH PALIN - Seriously? Dumbest move ever. What's going to happen when she's in some GOP Debate and asked about being Commander in Chief? So... when the rolling gets tough... the tough run away from it? Then you sue 'em? Who thought this was a good idea? She has a better shot at the nomination than me getting freaky deeky with Elizabeth Shue... even with a mullet... sure, chances looks good on paper... but it's just not gonna happen.
ZACH RULES - Zach Greinke is bring the powder blue power sexy back to the All Star Game. Dude deserves it. Also, good job out of the Royals beating some White Sox ass this weekend. Power blue power baby.
SUCKS TO BE... You know... kinda sucks being a celeb or potential 2012 GOP candidates? Both are dropping like friggin flies lately.
"So and so... Sweetheart, please be careful when you're washing our child's hair, you're not scrubbing the vomit out of your Christmas dress, you holiday drunk."
I don't even know where to start with that one... wow.
THEY'RE DOING IT WRONG - So... I'm glad I didn't head downtown this weekend... I would have been pissed. I mean, Public Enemy without Flavor Flav? That's like Harry Melvin without the Blue Notes. You'll never go platinum.
MULLET MANIA SWEEPS THE DEMO - So... you gotta love participating in 4th of July events and hearing random peeps... "G$, mullet's looking kick ass!" Or... hearing others whisper to one another, "Man, that's some sweet hair." Or... when you hear someone yell from the cheap seats, "Dude, that mullet is money." Thanks for all the shout outs!
AND FINALLY... Like we said, throwing out some stuff from the archives at QCI HQ... but when you come across awesomeness... you just gotta crank it... so you should too... your souls can thank us later...