A 'Lil Somethin' Somethin'

Sup QCI-ders. You know... living the El Camino lifestyle... really is the way to go. I mean when you're rolling with some sweet hair and some mean ass facial hair... the awesomeness flows like an avalanche, running down the mountain. But you know what's not awesome? Leaving QCI-ders in the dark and not posting for a few days.... lo siento... alright?

GAMEDAY POST - So... we have announced that we are gearing up for yet another Game Day post... so that's been keep us a little busy over here at QCI HQ. Will there be mascot heads? ...it's a subject the writers are tossing around... look for some new stuff. Rumor is... Beano Cook will join the team... this should be obnoxious.... obnoxiously awesome. Schedule for the 2009 QCI Gameday Preseason Preview presented by Tim Flanagan's Restaurant & Lounge will be realeased soon. So chill a bit...

ACTS OF AWESOMENESS - Hey... glad you all are digging that. Keep sending those our way. Will post them soon. Man... our readers are awesome... Good stuff kids...


"So and so... and team "douche bag" were soundly beaten last night in Beer Pong by team "bag pipe". yes the irish can ride and drink! thank god for team "naughty nurse" to console us. good times."

It gets better when you see in the comments from "so and so's" status, "so and so's" tween daughter posts:

"Hope you're having fun Dad... GO TEAM DOUCHE BAG!"

This should be considered and Act of Awesomeness.

AND FINALLY... Since the good guys clinched the Division and Playoffs are around the corner... how about the player intro song? Seriously, you won't get it out of your head.