About Last Night....

RISING STARS INDEED - Whoah... what a night to be a Republican in Iowa, right? Holy smokes. Different event. New attitude... and they knocked it out of the park. Here's some quick thoughts from last night....

- Nice venue. Event flowed great. Good concept
- People are fired up. There was some electricity with that crowd.
- Production was off the hizzy. Hat's off the the party staff and my main man St Clair.
- Tailgate... good job out of you. Way to go B-Dub, C-raig and the rest of the funky bunch.
- The program was done within an hour and a half. Seriously, you don't know how muchof a difference that makes.
- Mr. Chairman... on fire. Good job out of you.
- Videos... great... can't say enough of it.
- Lots and lots of new faces in that crowd last night.
- Lots and lots of blasts from the past there too. Folks who haven't been as active... are getting fired up.

Bottom line... the GOP is back in the Hawkeye State... dirt has been clearly been dusted off. Sleeves have been rolled up... and from what activisits were telling me... they're ready.

QCI-DERS OUT AND FORCE - You guys read this... you really really read this. Big shout outs to all you QCI-ders who stopped to say hey. I can't believe you waste your time reading this "Crappy Blog"... but my checks must be clearing... so #goodjoboutfoyou. Also... thanks for all of the complements on the greatness of the mullet. We will be having a special announcement soon... we're pretty fired up about it here. Trying to lock down the details.

THE KING OF POP - Now... don't why... but this was kind of in the back of my mind when I read the first tweets about the passing of Michael Jackson. I was just like... "For real?" Then a little sad. Say what you will about the bad stuff... but the dude could perform. Plus, peeps my age were basically introduced to Pop music through this guy... and made MTV what... uh, MTV used to be. Anyhow... I know its wierd to say or even think this... no matter how crazy Jacko got... I had and still do have the Thriller Album and all the J5 stuff as an image of him. I guess I'm a pitcher half full type of a guy...

Saw a couple tweets last night asking what their favorite MJ tunes were... I thought I'd bust out a few of them here... Please note... YouTube has enabled the use of his solo stuff... So Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean... would be my go tos... but... you can't ever get over the J5 stuff... its the KIOA junkie in me... here you go...