Total Geek Post

So... you all know I loves myself the Twitter. It's great for newsy stuff. And I will be the first to tell you... it will make you a better fan of what ever team you follow... whether they are on the Twitter or not. Anyhoop, I've been doing a little QCI "Pepsi Challenge" of sorts for usage of a handheld version of Twitter for Blackberry. Thus, creating a death match of Twitterberry vs. Ubertwitter on my BBerry.

Yeah, this is going to be the geekiest QCI post. Ever.

So far, I'm calling it draw. While Twitterberry seems easy to use... it locks up you phone sometimes. Plus you can't see you @replies with out checking... which isn't anything different than Ubertwitter. Ubertwitter seems to run a little better... but the GPS thinger creeps me out... you can disable it. But if you didn't know it had it... you'd be letting your superstalkers know where you are rolling iwth every tweet.

So yea... I utilize both of them. Because both have equal parts of awesomeness and suckiness.

Um... yeah, total geak post... but speaking of social media... how about one of these deals we haven't done in a while...


"So and so... can't stop thinking about that party last night. I feel terrible for making that stripper cry."


Oh... and here's a tune you can crank:

I know, kind of a crappy feed of it... just a good beat... alright.

Soon, Mullet Watch 2009 updates.... keep it real deal Holyfield everyone...