CC: What. In. The. Hell?

"Holy. Crap." I know! I busted out the Countdown. "G$, what are you up to?" Uh... no evil motives here QCI-ders... just thought it was about time to bring some badassness back. You know, since the Mullet is getting to the equivalent to "knee high by the 4th of July"... I thought I'd bring some randomnous sexy back. So let's dust off the hipster QCI graphic headers... let's grab a few cold ones... let's crank up a few Waylon records... and a... well... let's get to it.

SPEAKING OF DUSTING OFF - Gonna be a little rusty stuff here... haven't talked much shop in a while. Because... all you need to do is read the Beanwalker and the Iowa Republican to know what's going down. So... these political up dates will be far and few between. But what the hell, right? I mean... this is the World's Crappiest Blog...

RACE FOR GUV - So... its up and going... Rants (although not announced) is out and about. Hearing good things about him. Bobby V, is out there as well. Picked up the entire Team Huck endorsements... Not hearing much else yet. But this thing is cooking. I'm sure when we get past the 4th... stuff will heat up.

CAMPAIGN PRESEASON - You know... if you're and activist... or hack... or a wannabe... this is a fun time of the year. While the Guv race will headline everything... the other races will provide some scoop as well. Who's going where... who's gonna work for who... Who's the county chair for so and so... Kind of like NFL draft day or the last week before the trading deadline. Will be interesting to see.


"So and so... yeehaw! i just found a cuff link and 3 vicodin under the cushion! this is better than 'dryer money'!"

COOL EVENT ALERT - Yo... I know you've heard about it... but the Spring event for the party, "Night of the Rising Stars" is going to be off the hook. I'm serious. You gotta be there. Maybe I live tweet it? Stay tuned. Get your tickets by calling 515-282-8105 or visit http://www.iowagop.org/.

TUNE IN - If you aren't tuning in... you are missing out. The Bean Walker is LIVE! It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! Muhwahhahahahaha... Sorry. So yea, Timmy is hitting the waves via the interwebs. Ch' Ch' Check it out! Thursdays... 3pm. Be there suckas... here's the linkage.

AND FINALLY... This one has been going around lately... but since I lived a few quick stints in this area.... and have many loyal readers who live in those hard streets... thought I'd rock out to this today...