Bat What Crazy?

So are you all catching this thing in South Carolina? If you want all of the hilarious straight dope on this... go visit our pals at http://www.fitsnews.com/.

I mean... first Governor Sanford is missing... then he was hiking in the backwoods... now, Argentina? This is just bat shit crazy. Yup, I said it.

For real? I smell yet another messed up story coming... I mean... These are lamer answers I used to give as a kid... I think this is how it would go down...

Ma: "Where in the hell were you!"
G$: "Uh... was over at Sealine's, playing ball."
Ma: "I called there and they said you weren't there."
G$: "Um... I was in Argentina."
Ma: "Yeah, you're grounded."
G$: "Damn."

Also... why would Iowa bloggers and tweeters even be chriping about his? Oh yea... because we rock out with our caucus out... yea... good luck with that 2012 thinger, Governor...

Another thing... anyone know where the term "bat shit crazy" comes from? I mean... is bat shit crazy like a more crazier form of crazy shit? Or is it that it comes from bats?