Quick Hits...

Long week here at QCI HQ... lots of stuff... but because you all are loyal... I'll throw you a few quicks.

BIG NIGHT THURSDAY - Yup, yup. All things political will be focused in my hood... tha Sherman Hill. Where on Thursday, the GOP numbers will be up like a 1,000%. Not only is this the night where they will highlight the "Rising Stars" but be sure to watch the jockeying by the 2010... and 2012 peeps.

TAILGATING THE EVENT? Awesomeness. Idea. Ever. The B-Dub, C-Raig & crew, IPP, AFF and the rest of the LBC will be tailgating the event up the street in the SH. Here's all the deets. Will we see you there? #goodjoboutofyou

KASICH IN DEAD HEAT - So yea... new numbers out in Ohio... and its making the GOP pretty excited. Kasich is in a statistical dead heat with Strickland. This is awesome. Watch this race... how Kasich runs and operates this campaign will be a playbook for winning races.