State Chair Race, Florida & the Economy

Alright, the first “Countdown” post at QCI. Thank you for dropping by. I hope I’ll be one of your fun reads everyday. Will I be able to keep up? AND! I got my first snarky comment! Awesome!

IN IOWA: GOP grassroots activists should have their eyes set on Des Moines this weekend, As you should everyday, “those people in Des Moines” know everything! Calm down, calm down, I’m joking here, for real… I’m joking, put the pitch fork down. The State Central Committee (SCC) is gathering for their scheduled meetings with a chair election on the agenda. Ray Hoffman is not seeking reelection.

After a long list of great mentions and trial balloons, the race has seemingly come down to 3 candidates. Former State Senator Stew Iverson, Polk GOP Chair and current member of the SCC Ted Sporer, and former SCC member and current Story County Treasurer Dave Jamison.

Earlier this week, I spoke to a lot of folks who believe that Iverson is the frontrunner for obvious reasons. But given the current situation of our party as a whole in Iowa, I find it hard to believe this thing is already settled. At mid week, I have heard from others who say like the current race for the presidential nomination, this thing is still wide open. The members of the SCC are a very independent minded group, so I buy that notion.

Good luck to all. Stay tuned to here for updates on the “Showdown on East 9th.”

THE ROAD TO THE TWIN CITIES: Big debate tonight in Boca. Will there be the same fireworks we saw in the Dem debate? We’ll see. This is the other guys’ last shot at McCain before a fury of events/town halls as they sprint to the 29th. And then there were 5? Man, this race has changed. How many candidates will be at the next debate?

Also, did you see this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYfFZsFP2dc

Hell yea, that’s awesome. Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Bring it Chuck Norris!

THE ECONOMY: Dominating everything this week, will be a huge topic in tonight’s debate (wow, great insight G$, duh). I want your thoughts on this. Is it just me on this one… why am I having a hard time thinking that passing out a bunch of checks from the Fed is a good solution to the issues with the state of the economy?

Seriously, I’m no economist. How was the Dow today? Um, not sure. Grilled cheese sandwich eating contest? Now you’re talking! Can you beat 65 in a sitting?

All clowning around a side, it’s a serious issue. I know that many of you reading this blog, know your stuff when it comes to economics. So I’m asking you guys on this one. Post your ideas and start the re-education of Grant Young.

Chew on that for a while and I’ll have more soon.

Onward to Victory,