1, 2, 3 GO? 1, 2, 3 GO...

EDITORS NOTE: Be sure to check this post for a few days. Making some changes and edits to tweak this thing. Adding more features and such. Regular posting starts this week. Stay tuned....

A little Butch Cassidy humor for you (5 points if you get the reference and I'm keeping track). Anyhow, let's get this thing going. Before I get into heavy posting here I want to officially welcome you to QCI.
Here's kind of the rundown, rules and features you can look forward to reading.
RUNDOWN: As you can see on the descriptions at the top and on the right, it's going to be a little of everything. The most important, fun. I'm not trying to make any news or contraversy here... please feel free to send me anything noteworthy or worth sharing. I'll be firm, but I'll be fair when it comes to spin type stuff. I do have my leanings as you will see. I'm a McCainiac, a Republican, a Chiefs/Royals/Hawkeye fan, love a good local joint and for the most part completely random at times. I hope you enjoy my insights, thoughts and get my jokes.
RULES: Sometimes in Iowa when you run a blog and add a little politics, it seems some people can't help themselves to post trashy attacks in the comment section. It won't be tolerated here. We'll follow Jim Rome's rule to comments and feedback. "Have a take and don't suck." Please try to keep it clean, alright? Cool. Happy posting!
FEATURES AND POSTS: From week to week, I'll be posting some regular feature posts that have a general theme as you see below. As we go along, I'll add new features, but these are the starters. Will they be a hit? Or will they be loathed? Here's the feature posts I'll be working on. Have an idea? Email me.

"The Countdown" is the continuation of my daily email I sent while on the campaign trail. As some of you know, I've been a staffer for over 8 years now. I'm absolutely not the smartest guy in the biz, but over 8 years, I met and know a lot of peeps. It'll be a rundown of what's going on in politics in Iowa and nationally. I have some very interesting correspondents out there (you'll here the story soon) scattered across the country... it'll be one of the main features of this blog.

The "BIG PEACH" is the sports features I'll do. For you younger guys out there, the "Big Peach" was the name of the Register's Sunday Sports Page because of the color of paper they printed it on. As a kid, it was big deal to read the Peach (or the sports page in general) first thing morning... way before ESPN exploded to what it is now and before the internet... if local TV didn't cover it (or I couldn't get a radio signal), it would be the first time I got to see how George Brett and the Royals did the night before. Oh, and you'll find out, when it comes to my teams, you will be reminded that the word fan is short for fanatic.

Teams I follow: KC Chiefs (all football for that matter), KC Royals, Avila U. Eagles, Northwest Bearcats, the Hawkeyes, Notre Dame, South Hamilton Hawks, and other randoms.

"The Main Event" (best Sinatra album by the way) is when I will be live blogging or provide recaps from various events. From State Party dinners to concerts, from cool get togethers to Watermelon Day. You might even get some good live updates from the legendary garage parties in Jewell or Stanhope. I'll have updates from various members of QCI's Hall of Justice Super Friends scattered all over.

When you see the victorious looking "Chairman of the Board" at Madison Square Garden on this blog, you'll want be ready with the refresh button.

I love good tunes and a good mix tape is hard to pass up. I'll share what I'm listening to from side A to side B. Look out for good mix tapes from some of my friends. Maybe my addiction to iTunes is finally going to pay off! That iTunes can be a wicked mistress sometimes... but I love her anyway...

These features are dedicated to the local joints. Not a big fan of chains... or at least national ones. What's the point of going to Stillwater, Oklahoma then going to TGIFriday's when you should hit Eskimo Joe's? Or why are you at the Applebee's in Ames when you should be filling up on chips and salsa at O'Malley and McGee's? I'll be checking out the cool off the beaten path shin digs and then tell you all about 'em.

LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING MEAN GENE! From time to time I'll get a shot to ask 7.2 questions of interesting celebs, important political hacks, and other average Joe six packs like myself. Everything will go well in the first 7 questions... until I ask the 0.2 question. Huh? Yea, let's see if others or myself can figure that out.

Well, that's about it for now. Let me know what you think and post a comment or 2.

Onward to Victory,