Start the Music… (another 5 points if you can put it together)

Yet another feature, Weekend Update with G$. I’ll be traveling to Little Miss Ainsley’s 1st Birthday this weekend in Kearney, MO (just north of KC). Not sure when I’ll be able to post an update for you all. So here’s a wrap up on what I’m working on…

COUNTDOWN – Saturday is the big vote at RPI for a new State Chair. Who will have the Perry Mason Speech that closes the deal? Keeping an ear on what’s going on in Florida. And the “Button Guy’s” post is on the way, a story that should turn instant classic.

BIG PEACH – Let the hype begin! Super Bowl is a week from Sunday. Red hot Drake takes on UNI at the Knapp Center. Maybe I can get some local skinny on my beloved Chiefs and Royals while in KC.

DON’T HASSLE ME – Hitting a good Mexican joint on Saturday… per my plans. Will tell you about it.

MIX TAPE HEAVEN – Finishing up on a good one to go along with a big announcement next week.

7.2 QUESTIONS - Actually having some good success with this idea. Have a few good ones lined up. Same questions every time… different people… We’ll see what happens.

Well, that’s the news and I am out of here…