Live (sort of) from Flanagan's... it's the GOP Debate!

Tonight is the Florida GOP Debate on MSNBC starting at 8:00pm Iowa time.

If you’re around, feel free to join me down at Flanagan’s (MLK and Ingersoll) for some good live music and to check out all of the debate action. But if it’s too freezing out there for you (have no fear, a heat wave of 30 degree weather is on the way, holla!) stop by here and post you thoughts during the debate.

Since ole Tim doesn’t have wifi (although it would be the coolest) I will posting a recap in the morning of the play-by-play. Should be fun for my first pseudo live blogging experience. Still trying to learn this stuff, folks… this will be good practice.

Also, in the name of shameless self promotion, I have started a new Facebook group for QCI. Simply search for the group and join! Technology is so freaking cool sometimes.

So grab your laptop and crackberry, this should be fun. Have at it!