“I’ll take Potpourri for $300 Alex.” Here’s a hodgepodge of stuff I’ve had for a week or so. Thoughts are very random… but what did you expect? You’re reading my blog dude. So enjoy the very scattered thoughts of the Countdown.

MAC AND CHEESE – Wisconsin Primary today… and Hawaii. So pour some sugar on it. How many Favre for VP signs do you think were made at rallies this week? Dude, Favrrrrrrrre.

DOES THIS MAKE ME LOOK YUPPY? Because I post an article from the Aspen Times? Not sure. If there was a West Des Moines Times and posted one of their articles… then I’d be going yuppy. That would be like black belt yuppy. And is there a difference between Polk County WDM and Dallas County WDM? I’m talking to you kids at the G.O. Enlighten me. Anyhow, here’s a brilliant article that no doubt has been forwarded all over the country… check it out. Nice work forwarding that along Wingert.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – Was surprised (Ok, maybe not entirely) to see that the changes over at RPI was a major news story on WHO-TV and KCCI… slow news week I guess. Maybe they were tired of talking about the weather. I would be too. Nothing worth creating a special news graphic or anything guys, this is what happens when you get a new chair. Signed, the Sun Also Rises in the East… (sigh)

MEET JACK MCCAIN – Here’s a pretty cool interview with Jack McCain. I think it was on Drudge earlier this week. Definitely worth reading.

WHAT UP WITH THE WAVELAND – Dude, have you been to the Waveland lately? The quant little dive bar near Roosevelt has completely changed. It has friggin flat screens! Can you believe it?

KRUSTY IS BACK? Huh? (rub your eyes again) No kiddin’? Well if you check out his old blog, he says, “Stay Tuned.” Plus I noticed he’s been around on Cyclone Conservative with a couple comments. Not that I am Krusty tracker or anything… Trying to krack the Krusty Kode is so 2006. I’m just saying. I’ve moved on… well kind of. Welcome back Hershel! Let the conspiracy theories begin…

HEY Y’ALL – Our Iowa McCainiac friends are in Austin for the Texas Primary in March. I told ‘em they gotta hit Salt Lick BBQ. Oh my, oh my it is so good. Alight, picture this… think about the best BBQ you’ve ever had… and serve it family style like in the Amanas. I need a review fellas. It’s been a while since I was there.