A Serving of Hateraide... for Everyone.

And... the Madness is over. Hell of a game... but in the end, good prevailed. Yups, I said it. Way to go Duke. Now... a lot has changed since back in they of watching the tourney. There wasn't Twitter, blogs or message boards... back when I scored my first Duke shirt... and started to follow Grant Hill. But... it is what it is... so for today let's do a post Final Four post... very randomly...

YOU WANT TO BE CUSSED AT? Then wear a Duke jersey out in public. Holy smokes. You know it would make more sense if these people were... UNC grads or something. Its so unnecessary. I mean really. Hate Duke? Child pleeze. Which brings me to a good story from last night on the level of hatred out there for the Dukies...
JUST MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS - So... me and my buddies were out warming up for the Duke game at a fine establishment. It was an after work/out for the game crowd... full house, but comfortably full. The next table over from us was a group of ladies. After a while, one of the rather better looking ones of the bunch, approached our table...

Here's how it goes down...

Random Goodlooking Girl: Hey, what's your name?
Me: I'm Grant, nice to meet you.
Random Goodlooking Girl: Grant, that's a nice name. You know, my friends and I were talking about you. How you seem like a nice guy... and very funny.
Me: Oh yeah?
Random Goodlooking Girl: But then we saw you were wearing a Duke jersey and we decided you must be one of the biggest a$$holes out tonight. Nice to meet you.
Me: [jaw drops]
Random Goodlooking Girl: [walks off]
My Buddy: Dude, that just happened.
Other Buddy: G$, you just got cock blocked by Duke Basketball.

Wish I could make this stuff up...


"So and so... Okay let's stop the cinderella crap: Cinderella is not ranked in the top 10 preseason, does not have the longest winning streak in the nation, does not go undefeated in conference play, does not get to play the championship game at home and...hits the last shot."


CBS FAIL - OK... One Shining Moment... It's the big end of the season. Highlights... cheesy song sung by a dude with too high of a pitch... oh yeah... its a tradition. Now... I didn't mind that Jennifer Hudson was singing it this year... it was the lack of highlights.... and basically a Jen Hud video. Not cool CBS... not cool.
G$ ANSWERS YOUR TWEETS - So there was a whole lot of hateraide flowing towards my Twitter account during the game... I decided to answer some of them here....

How could you possibly be rooting for Duke? That's like rooting for the Raiders or Darth Vader or Valley High -- Cmon son, rooting for the Denver Broncos is more of an insult... and more evil like.

Duke is the Yankees of College Basketball. -- Not true... not true at all. Any school coached by John Calipari... are the Yankees of college basketball. I could really go on about other schools that are WAY more Yankees... UNC? UCLA? Any school from the Big East? Yeah...

Thanks for the RT, bro, but I've gotta yell for Butler tonite. Grew up in IN, lots of family there! -- Alright, I'll respect that... because its not the just blind hate Duke thinger.

How does it feel having watched your second favorite team go from underdogs against UNLV to the Yankees in the last 15 years? -- Again... the Yankees thing? Duke has been solid. And I guess there are people who root against being successful.

SPEAKING OF SPORTS AND TWEETS - QCI-ders and peeps of the DeMo... here me now and listen to me later. You like sports? You like local? You like to laugh your behind off? Alright... make the Des Moines Sports Freaks a part of your daily reads and follow them on Twitter... here and here. I'm telling ya. Good read... hilarious tweets... all showing why the word fan... is short for fanatic.

AND FINALLY... How about a little One Shinning Moment? Done right... Ironically... with all this Duke talk... featuring last year's champs... UNC.