7 Globes and 3 Land Lines... Makes sense to me.

What's up?

Been making the rounds.... Having conversations with the people. Plus... some observations since the last time we chatted.

Let's do this.

IOWA NEWZ LITER - Met up with the King of Snark a few nights ago. Dude is off the chain. If you aren't reading his stuff... and/or adding it to your reads... you probably hate freedom. No seriously. Good stuff. Great tunes. And it will sometimes make Diet Coke come out of your nose... The Liter is in the LBC on the right hand side of this joint. Hit it up.
MICHAEL STEELE AND THE RNC - I'm 50/50 on this. Part of me cares because, you know... he's a leader of the national party. But the other side... I could care less. I mean to me, all politics is local... and I'll play the whole typical Iowan thing, "We don't need no outsiders tellin us what to do" bit. I tend to care more about what's going on here... Plus this is such an inside story... oh, and the whole spending money at a freaky deeky sex club? Meh... Could be worse... at least it wasn't taxpayer dollars... Other than that can we find better or important things to chirp about?
YARD SIGNS WIN ELECTIONS - Judging by the tweets and emails... its yard sign season. I'm going to let you all in on a very super huge winning campaign strategy. If you have more yard signs up than the other guy... you will win. It's true, they win elections. Door knocking? Yeah right... way overrated. Person to person contact? Child please, why would you do that. I'm telling you... yard signs. Effing yard signs. Everywhere. And you win. You should make sure everyone... Volunteers, staff and hell even the candidate... are just putting up yard signs. You don't even need to ask for permission. Just do it. Oh... and you're welcome.


"So and so... would grow a Stanley Cup playoff beard but I'm pretty sure my contract requires me to not look destitute and pathetic."

Wha?! Playoff beards are epic. Check that... playoff mullets are better. Trust me I know these things.

REALLY? I'm pretty sure the folks at Westboro Baptist Church have weekly meetings with the one question... What event can we protest this week that will make us look like even bigger classless ass clowns?
THE $NACK$ - Dude. These guys are awesome. They are my new favorite local band. They are so off the chain. You try to tell me this isn't an epic band when they... Go from Sublime to the Bee Gees, from Led Zep to Brit Brit... and then the one that kills you every time... yups, Hall and Oates to Snoop Dogg. See? Told you. If you're out and about... and the $NACK$ are playing... don't leave that joint. It's alright... you can thank me later.
HECKLERS - I went to my first I-Cubs game in like 3 years. I know... by the 3rd inning I was asking myself, "How in the hell did it take me 3 years? And not go to a Cubs game?" Anyways... while all the seats are great... I'll argue the right field party deck/bleachers are where its at... just so you can listen to the hecklers. I learned a few new ways to say cuss words... without saying them. These guys are artists. I mean... what do you think these right fielders are thinking? "Hmmm... I make 36 grand a year to have some assholes from Des Moines yell insults at me for 9 innings." But... I'm pretty sure they've heard it all. If not... they will give you a thumbs up once in a while went someone belts out an original.

AND FINALLY... OK... so if you're going to cover one of the greatest songs of all time... you better do a good job with it. Enter Jimmie Inch... He effing crushes it. I mean... Dear Lord does he crush it hard. Do yourself a favor... watch this video. I know I've said crank your speakers before... but I'm serious on this one. Everyone in the listening range of this ear biscuit will thank you later. Hat tip to Tony Bohnekamp for posting this on FB. Amazing. Stay thirsty friends....