Quick Hits: NKOTB

Here's a few quick hits on New Kids On The Block in Des Moines yesterday...

- Nope, didn't go... but I don't think I've ever seen so many 30 something women, chugging Boone's Farm, tailgating with their mini vans and SUVs in the Event Center parking lot.

- Thousands of kids in Central Iowa had pizza last night.... because area Dads were in charge of dinner.

- Sources close to QCI say that woman to man ratio was 50-1... and most of the dudes were holding purses saying only 2 words... over and over, "Yes dear."

- It was reported that Wells Fargo Arena was a significant Cougar Event by the National Authorities.

- Last night, the boys over at at www.urbancougar.com reached defcon 1 levels at some points .

- QCI sources saw a homemade t-shirt that read, "Donnie, I'm Legal Now."

- Just about every girl in my high school class was there...

So yea... even though the New Kids... aren't exactly "new"... methinks these guys have a good racket going now...