Weekend Update: Who's feeling good? We should be...

Alright QCI-ders… a quick weekend update. Subject you ask? Message… and why we’re winning the battle currently. We started the week with the launch of 2 great new resources for politics. First, we covered the Bean Walker Launch Monday. What a great crowd…. but it gets better, the B-Dub (our new nickname for the site) already made news with a siren on the first day. Their getting tons of hits… how do we know? Because you all are coming here from the site… This is thing is an instant game changer. Great work out of you B-Dub.

Next, you get the New York Yankees of the rightosphere… the Iowa Republican. C-Raig has managed to get the key players in the LBC to his line up… he’s like the Jerry Jones now with Krusty, Battleground (and our favorite QCI Smoker Hating Emily) and Constitutional Daily. And like the B-Dub, is making an instant impact on the echo chamber in Iowa.

But in a way not to sound like a homer… the REAL story is the Republicans in Iowa. Namely, the new leadership at RPI and the Good Guys up at the Capitol… I’ve only been in this stuff for… like 10 years and I have never, never seen a well oiled machine when it comes to message. Am I still sounding like a homer? You need some proof… look at the last couple of weeks… prevailing wage? How’d that go… Phones were lighting up… Twitter was exploding… emails getting pushed out… this is how you do it QCI-ders… throw in the rightosphere… activist involvement… and BA-DOW!!!!!!!

Oh and that stupid ass Electoral College bill? Dead. Buzz killed. Even Big Lug and Sec. Mauro said, um… you guys aren’t thinking this through.

QCI Correspondents are emailing me with reports of meetings across the state… Republicans are getting a little pumped up. Their feeling it… and THEY ARE HUNGRY. We have tons to be excited about…

So yea… as a party in the state… you have to be feeling good…. damn good. But there’s no time to be perfecting you endzone dances yet… there’s a lot to do… tons of work… and bigger battles to come… so you gotta focused, keep participating… we’re not going to win every battle… but we are starting a base and a platform to launch a great comeback… a comeback that the pundits STILL don’t believe we are capable of.

I know it’s easy to get caught up in the national stuff… all important too. But I think if we’re keeping our nose to the grind here… and keep at it… look out.

Now… if we could get consensus on a Governor candidate… awesome… but, alas… nothings perfect.