You blasted kids!

"Oh look! He posted something!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear ya.

So... these internets are getting hotter than Elizabeth Shue on any day that ends in Y with this bit about Professor F-Bomb over at the University of Iowa. Our homey jomey from Wyoming ERR Ankeny, C-Raig Robinson at the TIR had a good bit on it. That's a hell of a lot of comments there, sir.

Anyways... I went to the U of I and was active in CRs there as well... so anytime I see that the ole UICRs making the news, my ears perk up. Now, back in the day... we weren't exactly as loud as thems kids are today. Hell, we were more worried about working for campaigns and finishing our meetings on time so we could hit the Airliner for "Flip Night"... (a pitcher and cup, aye there Caleb?)...

So... turns out the UICRs have this "Conservative Coming Out Week" thinger. And they got to send a blast email approved to go campus wide to tells thems kids all about it. Wow, times sure have changed, right? Then blah blah blah... the blast goes out and blah blah blah... some uberlefty professor starts doing her best Cee Lo Green impersonation via email.

The blogs pick the story up and then Fox News does a thinger. Pretty cool stuff for a student organization stunt that got someone a little more cranky when they screw up their organic moca cafe way too expensive coffee at Starbucks. Even I, of all people, took a minute to put some words together to form sentences over this. Yeah, I know, weird, right?

Then these comment sections start blowing up on the blogs, news sites... ect. And, in the political age we live in now... the Ben Franklin/John Hancock wannabes and crunchy elderly former hippy burn outs begin an epic debate over the Constitution... rights... blah blah blah blah...

Namely, Freedom of Speech.

Now, I'm no constitutional scholar, never claim to be, never went to law school or have any interest doing so otherwise. What can I say, I likes books with pictures.

But when peeps start turning into Legal Beagles, I turn to my lawyer and law school pals. I figure hey, they paid enough cabbage to learn it up... so I don't have to. Just like when they ask for my advice on being awesome. Kinda works out that way. It's the circle of life, Simba.

Then, when their super duper law school Someone v. Someone Supreme Court case speak gets my head spinning to the point where I think they're speaking Portuguese... That's when I turn to rants given by Dennis Miller... Because for some reason, he puts things in ways that I can understand them.

So check out this video... my favorite is his explanation of the first two amendments... right around the 52 second mark. Enjoy and stay thirsty...