QCI Twitter Event: Party Like It's 1999

Hey. How’s it going? Yeah, yeah, yeah… long time, no talk. I hear ya. Anyways… incase you missed it, and judging by the tweets, you have. Turns out that Chris Cizzilla, AKA the Fix from the Washington Post is bringing his monthly “Politics and Pints” to the Hawkeye State on August 10th. These monthly events are usually held at one of our favorite DC hangouts, Capitol Lounge. Basically it’s a trivia night with beers and politicos… so you can see why we’re excited about this and that this event totally has our attention. Oh and by the way… QCI plans on fielding a team at this event… so EAT THAT Albrecht. So what’s up with this post? Well, we kind of got inspired by this event and idea… and decided to totally rip it off on the interwebs… (yes, I know, stay classy G$)…. Well, kind of… Anyways, last night my crack team over here at QCI HQ was digging through the G$ archives and found some files from the 1999-2000 Caucus season. Stuff like mail pieces… endorsement releases… some good old school stuff. This all kind of segwayed into another conversation we were having last night as well. It was the thought of the brain trust at the HQ that we are on the verge of everything really heating up… kind of like it was 12 years ago. Staffers are getting hired… activists are getting personal calls… and all over the Des Moines metro, office space is looking to get leased. Also, we’ve have been meaning to write the MUST IOWA TWITTER FOLLOWS (sigh… I know, yet another list). Iowa has a great political Twitterverse… So in a weird, organic, fun way…. We figured we could make it happen… just by having it happen, tonight. So, tonight… we thought we’d do a little tweetchat about the stuff we found moderated by yours truly. Think of tonight’s tweetchat as a… “Where Are They Now” meets political war story time at some table over at Wellman’s… make sense? Good. So here’s all the deets on tonight’s QCI Tweetchat…. WHAT: QCI Tweetchat – Let’s Party Like It’s 1999 WHERE: Twitter on the internets. Hashtag yer tweets with #partylikeits99. Or you can follow my feed on the right side WHEN: Tonight – 6ish to 7ish pm Iowa Time (that’s Central Time for you folks reading in Story City) WHO: Loyal readers, special guests and everyone in between. So see you all in a but… and as always… stay thirsty my friends.