I'm not gonna get into schematics or any arguments about the Hawkeyes this week.... all I know is, Iowa Hawkeye Football is the Rodney Dangerfield of college football. Time for some respect on this Saturday. OK, maybe I'll do a small rant...

Kirk Herbstreit can go pound sand. Paul Finebaum... I won't even be Iowa nice to you and buy you a pork tenderloin sandwich at Smitty's on the southside of Des Moines. Good luck finding a sandwich of epic in Alabama or anywhere in the Southeast. Also, sidenote... dear The South... your pimento cheese sandwiches are better in a dip... not a sandwich.... horrible. My future smoking hot wife from your region has proven that. (Thanks babe)

Also, if you know me and follow all of this internet stuff... I've been quiet. Because yes, I've been a super critic on Curt Furentz and the entire athletic department. But when you start going around... talking shit about Iowa and our Hawkeyes... (and sorry Grandma for reading this) I'm not going to put up with this shit. Hell no brother (Hulk Hogan voice)!!

So until kick off to probably the most important game in Iowa history... I love the fight song... I love when the band plays On Iowa... I will be cranking this... all day:

Let's go Hawks!!!! Epic post tomorrow. Welcome back friends to the new QCI....