QCI GAMEDAY PREVIEW: Iowa Caucus Edition - Part 1

EDITORS NOTE: The following is a collaboration of thoughts from three anonymous loyal readers of QCI. Ginormous thanks to writing team. The following is the transcript of the back and forth.

CHRIS FOWLER: Just like we always do this time of year… I’m Chris Fowler and welcome to QCI’s Gameday: Iowa Caucus Edition. We have lots to cover here. So much that I believe we’ll make this a two part post. Tonight, we’ll cover some odds and ends. Tomorrow morning we’ll get to our predictions and of course, the mascot head. But before we get to all of that, with us as always, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso.

KIRK HERBSTREIT: Lots and lots of energy going on, Chris. A lot at stake, coach! Are you ready?

LEE CORSO: Kirk! Let’s get this going!

FOWLER: Also with us is long time analyst Beano Cook.

BEANO COOK: Hello Chris and fellers. Notre Dame.

FOWLER: And to help provide some insight from the sidelines, Ms. Erin Andrews. Welcome aboard Erin.

ERIN ANDREWS: Great to be here Chris. My first time on the QCI Gameday. A little nervous.

BEANO: Humina, humina, humina.

FOWLER: Let’s dive in here. In what is becoming one of THE most interesting back and for Iowa Caucus seasons ever, there’ve been game changes and interceptions. First off, there are some people who didn’t make it to the dance. I’m going to just throw out names at all of you. Tim Pawlenty.

HERBSTREIT: His TV ads looked like “Transformers” previews. His speeches were about exciting as a George Eichhorn campaign rally. What do you got Coach?

CORSO: A little harsh, Kirk. Would still have a chance if he had played for the long haul.

FOWLER: Erin, your take from the sidelines?

ANDREWS: He had a huge organization leading up to the Straw Poll, it’s just too bad that T-Paw wasn’t more dynamic as a candidate. I think the problem wasn’t that he spent too much money or had too big of an organization, he just couldn’t catch on no matter what he did.

FOWLER: Another missing person. The last drop out of the race…. Herman Cain.

CORSO: Captured a movement and excited the GOP, Chris. Was one of the best speakers in the race. Inexperience showed and was his ultimate demise.

ANDREWS: Well, he’s still on the ballot, sooooooo is Cain really a dropout? Kidding. At any rate, Cain seemed to be picking up support and then all of his personal issues came out.

HERBSTREIT: Only thing that comes to mind is, The Serial Fondler. Am I right Beano?

BEANO: One butt grab is an aberration, two is a trend and 2 decades worth is Herman Cain.

FOWLER: He sure did get people excited. But as well put by both Kirk and Beano, the personal issues were becoming a prevent defense. Prevents you from winning. Is it worth even talking about Thad McCotter?

ANDREWS: Who? Just kidding, Chris. McCotter’s biggest problem was not getting any love from the national media. And his second biggest problem was his uncommon name – it was easy to forget. He could have had a niche but he was only around for a month or two and just couldn’t catch on. Beano?

BEANO: Awe yes, Thad McCotter. That’s the quarterbacks coach for Notre Dame, right?

CORSO: No way Beano! Ran horrible campaign, and paid too much for it.

HERBSTREIT: I agree Coach. His campaign was quicker than Oregon’s offense and fizzled faster than Jake Christensen’s popularity in Iowa City.

FOWLER: Interesting bits here. Let’s move on to Iowa Haters. What about former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roehmer?



BEANO: Kicker for Bowling Green in the 50s who didn’t have the grades for Notre Dame or Ann Arbor.

ANDREWS: You don’t make any effort in Iowa; I’m not going to make any effort talking about you.

FOWLER: And proverbial Iowa Hater, Jon Huntsman?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, this guy makes less sense than Lou Holtz. Refusing to campaign in Iowa because of your ethanol subsidy position is weak. Even Giuliani says your Iowa strategy sucks. We were just taking about this off air, Coach.

CORSO: Jon Huntsman has played the roll of McCain circa '99-'00 very well… minus anyone campaigning against him. Oh and, except for the primary success. Oh and, he won't be the next nominee either.

ANDREWS: Again, Chris. You don’t make any effort in Iowa; I’m not going to make any effort talking about you.

FOWLER: All Iowa, all the time. Love it. Lots and lots more to come. Tomorrow our QCI Gameday Team will break down every campaign and ole Coach will put on the mascot head. Make sure you follow G$ on Twitter for updates on the post and join us on the Book of Faces as well, if you’re into that type of thing. See you then!