Girl you know it's true... Peace and Chicken Grease...

So... just had a conversation after while heading home from the office.... epic conversations lead to epic ideas... thus leading to my bird brain idea of the day.

I think I figured out how to bring a little peace to our society. Something that may even save lives... you know keeping people from wanted to kill people... so here it is...

Alright... the idea stemmed from a conversation on war stories of poor service... usually from fast food joints... but then we started talking about other places and businesses who... let's face it... some days peeps just mail it in. You know?

Sometime this idea is a little foreign to me. I've always been at places where I enjoy what I'm doing, the people I work with... and really like working with the peeps. But I know there are many who are like John Lovetts working as a waiter in the 5 Timers Club, "Hey, work is work."

But then we started talking a little bit. Then it hit me... the 2 Percent Rule. Whoah. What is it?

It's simple... if we could possibly get everyone to at least take 2 percent of their day to give a shit... how epic would everything be? Think about it. How awesome would our country become.

Let's go back to the dude at the fast food joint... just 2% of his time there... to actually give a shit... things become more awesome. I like extra pickles sometimes on a burger. I will gladly pay for it... now... if the fast food kid is practicing the 2% rule? He'll be like, "Dude, I'm effing going 2 percent on this guy. Man, make sure you put extra pickles on that thang!"

See what I'm saying? If we could get everyone... at the very least... to give 2% of his day to actually give a shit about what they are doing... man, there would be all sorts of love, peace and chicken grease to go around.

Chew on that for a while. Hit me up with some comments... and yes... we're doing Milli Vanilli for the second time this week. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I'm awesome. Stay thirsty my friends.

A little something called the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation...

Yessssssssssssssss! Special thanks to a loyal reader and hella good pal for sending us this picture. It's effing amazing! Speaking of things ending up in out mail room...

We recieved something that kind of tripped our trigger... a video... made us think... and of course got us chirping a little bit.

The subject? The Iowa Farm Bureau.

Let's rock it like Randy Savage and snap into this Slim Jim.

We'll get to the video here in a sec.

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR - Yessir... County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting time. Think of these meetings as GOP Central Committee Meetings... only with a hell of a lot less bitching and moaning... and freaking way better food. I mean... these peeps are farmers... you're gonna get fed well.

THE BEST POLITICOS IN THE STATE - I'm talking about Farm Bureau members. I've said this before... Farm Bureau members are the most knowledgeable activists in the state. Majority are conservative... of course prolly socially... but fiscal is where these kids Tic the Taco. The are in tune with current events and national debate.

THEIR ENDORSEMENT - It is one of the most important ones in the state. Although... lately... sometimes you wonder if they just want clout or actually care about the issues the advocate. Case in point? See Harkin endorsement in '02... and various other head scratching nods.

That is why one could be a little skeptical when the see this very well done production paid for by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation....

We can all dig this message of smaller government and less spending... but... will the Iowa Farm Bureau actually act on it? If they are truly serious about this message they paid for... will they actually give their endorsements to candidates who first have a record of doing so... second... running on this message. Third... get their members to actually work on behalf of the people they pick. When they do... look out...

Hey... they are a great organization. One of the true groups who have a grassroots organization that produces results. The only other group who is better than these guys in their results? The Southside of Des Moines.

I would just like to know if they are serious about the video that they had made. Have they really had enough? Or are they just kissing up to who might be writing the Farm Bill next time?

Not to Slim Shady this... but will the real Farm Bureau, please stand up?

Maybe this video is an indicator that they are.

Until next time. Stay thirsty my friends.


One sign that the kids aren't alright...

So.... a few random things for you today. See!!! You cans stop sendings me your hate emauls!! I'm back to a regular schedule! *smirk* But anyways... You know the old saying... "The kids are alright." Yeah... um, no they effing aren't if this kid I ran into represents all the kids... let me explain.
THERE ARE ZERO NEGOTIATIONS ON THIS - So I ran into a new loyal reader recently... younger fella... just finishing up college... We swapped a few stories and started to do the typical dude thing... bust out movie lines and references. After an epic back and forth of great lines... I go straight to the go tos... Yes, from one of THE all time greatest movies... Ghostbusters. This is where it gets ugly. I say... "Back off man, I'm a scientist." Get a blank stare... of which at first... I'm like well, that is a pretty obsure Ghostbuster reference... So I roll with "Are you the key master?" And... then the kid goes, "Oh Ghostbusters, yeah... that's a bad movie." Instantly the record player scratches off in my head. What?!! He just said... Ghostbuster is a bad movie?!! Then I'm peppered with arguements on that its a generational thing?!! Psssht... please... more like child please. When there younge fellas start saying that Ghostbusters is a bad movie... this a sure fire sign... that indeed, the kids are not alright.
WAIT... WHEN DID THE SKUNK SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA? Remember the quote of the last post? Yeah... said it again when I read about this Northwest Iowa family had a skunk for a pet... I mean... I loves me some Pepe Le Pew... one of my favorite Loony Tune characters... but I'm not bat shit crazy enough to think that a real one would make a good pet. Oh... and it has rabies too. That's effing amazing. Winner winner chicken dinner!

"So and so... the Sonic Footlong Quater Pound Coney. it was Pukalicious ! ! !"

Um... gross and epic at the same time.... +1!!

NOT A GOOD WEEK FOR DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR TYPES FROM IOWA - Whoah... not gonna lie. I'm just a little taken back by this Vilsack stuff happening in the national news. When the NAACP retracks its praise in a press release... uh... not good. Not good at all. Which surprises me... I mean... this is Teflon Tom Vilsack. He's actually a very great guy. I like the dude. Politics aside, when something like this happens... it's kind of sad.
NEW STUFF COMING TO THE WORLD'S CRAPPIEST BLOG - OK peeps... next January will be our 3rd year of the awesome.... and just about 50,ooo of you have checked this joint out. Thanks dudes. Also... I noticed that there are some new thingers you can add via Blogger... Yeah I know... Nerd alert. Got it. But as many of my loyal readers know... like a good grunge band, I loves me some feedback... so I have added a rating system aat the bottom of each post. Hit it up. Also... you can leave a comment or two... oh and easy on the dick jokes, please. I know who you are.
AND FINALLY... You know... Governor Culver is makes me angry... eh, more disappointed. Oh and not because of policy... politics... nah... it's when he ruins songs for me that are so OJ Simpson... because they are such guilty pleasures... Case in point... his answer the other day on why I-JOBS isn't producing... jobs. Que the Milli Vanilli... and stay thirsty my friends.



We broke his *blank* clean off! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Oh sorry friends. Was thinking that we were less than 7 weeks away to kick off... my mind wanders a bit a times. Anyways....

I thought I was good at screwing up things. You know, if something can be screwed up... call me up hoss... and did I tell you I'm an expert in the ridiculous?

So as I have said before... I'm not a fire breather... got it? I'm not one of these guys who are obsessed with Obama's birth certificate or all of that other bat shit crazy stuff. To me... worrying about these issues is about as sensless as the lefties were with their whacked out kooked out stuff they were pushing on George W. Bush.

But that's not to say that... from time to time... I will read or hear something and... no matter where I am... and generally not caring who hears me... I will say this in a rather loud voice...

"You have got to be fucking shitting me."

Yeah... sorry on the language on this Grandma... but when I read the following... it happened.

Word on the Tweet from WHO-TV's purple tie wearing fool Dave Price:

"Governor Culver blames drop of June's 2,700 construction jobs from June 09 on bad weather not failures of his I-JOBS plan."

Yeah... go ahead and say it too... you'll feel better.

Anyways... per usual... not a good week for Big Lug. His fundraising numbers that they were all proud to brag about before... took a huge dump. Not good at all for the kids in the green and yellow shirts. Now Big Lug wants to have millions of debates... if what I'm reading right in the Twittersburgh.

But I would like to remind my fine feathered friends on our side of the aisle... I wouldn't start doing the Humpty Hump just yet. This is the time we need to go all Bobby Bowden on their asses. It's time to run up the score. Seriously, dudes... They are not even covering kickoff returns right now... but don't think someone won't hand them one of those nasty 5 hour energy thingers to help them wake them up... Because sooner or later... they will actually try to tackle the returner...

More to come... until next time, crank it tup suckers!!! And always... stay thirsty my friends.


Boo-lay, boo-lay boom Billboard Buzz...

Feeling good today... Doing my normal routine this AM... You know... Scouring through the DMR... gettin' my Dunkin Donuts coffee on... a few smokes... and of course... Sunday morning is not Sunday morning... unless there is bacon involved... and Meet the Press. Sorry, I don't make these rules. While getting my Sunday morning news buzz errr fix on... I saw something in the Opinion section of the DMR... wasn't really feeling like saying something about it... you know... until... I killed a pound of bacon... it's my spinach I guess... so let's take a stab at it.

THE TEA PARTY BILLBOARD IN MASON CITY - Yeah... You've all heard about this right? If not here's the deets. So the North Iowa Tea Party thought it would a be super clever idea to put up a billboard with Hitler on it. This would sound like a GREAT idea if you know... you hit your head with a tack hammer every morning. Yeps, I said it. Listen... I get their point and they idea they were going with... but uh... you may wanna think it through next time... For you people in Story City and for the one who are about to send me massive amounts of love letters... let me walk you through this.
POLITICAL JUNKIES/ACTIVIST ARE NOT NORMAL PEOPLE - I can say this because I am one. Here's the thing. Political activists/junkies are also history buffs by nature... (you all want in on the secret? Political Science courses are glorified history classes)... so yeah. We are very astute to history... and what it means if we repeat it. But... normal average people don't think in this way. Here's why the Tea Party people thought it was a good idea... You show a picture of Hitler... to the majority of people... the first thing they will think is evil... killer... you catch my drift, right? Um... not everyone thinks. "Oh hey, that Hilter was a socialist." Sorry friends... you tea party folks can argue with me until you're blue in the face... but that's the reality... and that is why it was a #horriblejoboutofyou for even thinking that this was a good idea.
BILLBOARDS AND YARD SIGNS CHANGE MINDS AND WIN ELECTIONS - Do I need to begin my list of reasons why the Tea Party movement is gonna last maybe just as long as the last the Ross Perot fad? How do I know that this isn't gonna last long at all? Because this local chapter's first big expenditure was to spend it on a billboard... One of the most expensive and least effective means of political advertising. I could list a hundreds of more... but this decision was the one that told me... nogga nogga nogga nogga... not gonna be around that long.
G$, YOU HATE FREEDOM, YOU COMMIE! Sigh... yeps... I can already hear the emails, texts and carrier pigeons with your comments on this. Listen, I get what you're trying to say. POTUS (that's President of the United States for you folks in Roland) has policies that are socialist. Bet get this friends... you have to dumb it down a bit. You already got people fired up. Don't pull some fraternity prank for publicity for the cause. Organize... be smart about it... and then do it.
BUT G$ WE GOT EARNED MEDIA OUT OF IT - Yeah... then you had to take it down. Sorry pals, this was just... a bad idea. But, hey... you still think its a good idea? That's fine... who doesn't like a tack hammer to the head in the morning, right? Oh... not this guy.
LETTERS, THEY GET LETTERS, SACKS AND SACK OF LETTERS - Hahaha, sacks. Oh, but Kuwait a minute. So yeah... on Sunday's... the first 3 sections I grab are the first section, then the opinion and then the sports page. The 2nd page in the opinion section? Letters to the Editor. I will say first... that none of the letters about the Billboard were even in the North Iowa area. Not even close. Des Moines, Waukee, Iowa City and Ames? Hmmm... hey Iowa Democrat Party (IDP)... next time, how about getting some peeps from the area to send a letter.... got it? Then I will believe it a little better... also... another thing. But again... hahaha sacks...
THANKS FOR PLAYING - Yeah... among the letters in the DMR... one was from State Senator Jack Hatch... really? There really coulda been a better person to send it in, IDP... don't you all have someone from up there? Anyone? Yeah... because I'm not about to take a lecture from a guy who thought it was alright at the time to say the N word in the Capitol. Sorry... but credibility can leave in just one word... and as Hershel mentioned the other day... good to see it's alright to use those words... according to IDP and others. Nice.
SERIOUSLY FELLAS - Dudes, I'm with ya... talking to you Tea Party peeps. And believe me... I sincerely love your enthusiasm. It's freaking epic. Actually, it's pretty effing awesome. But we gotta play smart. I think I have said this before... but hell, I say it again. I subscribe to the rules from Roadhouse: There's a time to be nice and a time to be not nice. Absolutely... right on. Gotta stand up and fight... BUT, I also subscribe to the notion and case against this "Confrontational Conservative" garbage. Let me walk you through it... At your job and or the business you own... When you are confrontational to your customers... how does that go? In your relationships... When you are confrontational to your friends, family and... especially your better half... when you are confrontational to these folks... how does that usually work out? Pretty good, right? Unless you are living in a bizarro world or your better half is into some freaky deeky stuff... being confrontational all the time... usually isn't the best way to keep customers, business, friends, family and you'll be spending some quality time with the couch at night... In the epic words of my old poli sci prof at Iowa, "Am I communicating?"

AND FINALLY... As Coach Burton always said, "Anyway, long story short..." This was a bad idea... and leaves a bruise on the movement. But hey... it could be a lot worse right? I would rather have this issue on our side of the aisle than dealing with a standard bearer who isn't raising money... unless it comes from the Democratic Governors Association... Yeah dudes... serious... you see Skinny this week? Next question is... when does Geri Huser switch? Hey... and its not just friends on the Eastside... Sources close to QCI are telling us... the Southside crew... isn't feeling so hot about it either... And in cases like that? They take care of themselves first...

Anyhoop... more to come on this and other stuff... Until next time... crank this epic tune that is becoming the Campaign 2010 theme here at QCI... Stay thirsty my friends.


Politics, Iowa is Awesome and the Freaks...

What up, what up? It’s been a while since we have got all random on you. So let’s give ‘er a shot. Yes, I have been getting your pissy emauls ERRR emails on the lack of postage here. Yes, it’s all my fault. Sorry dudes. I know that this is where some of you get your news on a day to day basis… which on one side is creepy… but really, it’s pretty freaking awesome at the same time. Now… let’s do this thing.

STATE OF THE RACES – Yea… totally didn’t do a State Convention round up. I think we’re way past that now. So how about a little update from the cheap seats? Well… ok. First… The Statewides… been impressed with the team. And yes, I may be a homer on this… but I don’t think I’ve seen a slate of candidates work so hard. They are everywhere. How do I know? Tweets and Facebook. CongressionalsZaun is earning his name… “The hardest working man in Iowa Politics.” Dudes… I’ve seen him in action a few times over the 4th. Dude is doing it. I mean… real good. The guy just really connects with all sorts of people… even the ones who completely disagree. The 3rd District is gonna be fun to watch. Now… I haven’t forgotten Miller-Meeks… she’s working it too. Again… loving her updates.
CONTROL OF THE LEGISLATURE – Starting to feel a breeze in the sails here kids. Now J-Lynch (new nickname for you bruh) over at the CR Gazette had an article the other day (too lazy to look it up… c'mon, this is a blog, not a term paper) that had some analysis on the State House. It for the first time… in a long time… it’s looking really good. Reallly effing good. The State Senate… it’s always been the tough one… are we making movement? I think so. But… gotta see more. An educated guess would have to say that these winds are helping. I’m sure they will email me something soon.


“So and so… i just made the worst pot of coffee ever. i don't know what went wrong. it tastes like i rang out my wife's socks in hot water.”

Not a good way to start your day. Case in point why we need Dunkin Donuts back in the DeMo.

GOV RACE – Lots of ads going on… Now there’s a lot about these 4th of July parades and pictures and all of that stuff. I still think the proof is in the ads… not one positive one out of Team Lug… I mean I get it… I think there’s gonna be some more separation on this… stay tuned.
US SENATE – These "experts" can upgrade the status of this race all they want. Chuck Grassley is gonna win. End. Of. Story. Anyone else find it funny on this kind of push or subtle argument that Roxanne is the standard bearer for the Ds? What happen to the Lug?
IOWA IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE – Uh… (and sorry for the language Grandma, but)... no shit. I find it interesting when politicians want to announce this. And before you Leftys start sending me hate mail and tweets… I mean this for both sides. Here’s the truth that many of you don’t want to hear. Get this… Politicians, media and government did not make Iowa the best place to live, work and play. They didn’t… sorry. It’s the people and our communities that do. End of story. Had a tweet asking, “You mean they had no hand in the quality of schools?” No. They did not. Money and orders from higher up the chain didn’t make Iowa schools top tier. It’s the great teachers and great communities who make our schools great. Not government, the media or politicians. But anyways… good to see all these magazines, websites and other sources are figuring out something we all have known for years… Iowa is the best damn place to be… and no… not just every 4 years. So... take that Minnesota!!!
SHOUT OUT TO THE FREAKS – Yeah man. A week or so ago… I met up with the dudes who write the Des Moines Sports Freaks, Blake and Joe. These dudes are legit. Both Army guys. Both married with kids on the way… and put out an epic blog and radios shows. Fun loving hard working guys. They are hilarious, know their stuff and do the homework when they don't... I know, refreshing, right? Anyways… add them to your daily reads… They are official members of the LBC on my blog roll... up on the right... check it fools!

AND FINALLY – Yes, I know… again. I apologize for the lack of posts… I gots some more coming… so just chill. You. Must. Chill! Speaking of chillin’… check yo self and chill to some Roots… Until then… Stay thirsty my friends.

Hey Travel Channel...

#horriblejoboutofyou for real.

Actually... you know what? You all kind are bad at what you do.

In case you missed it. The Iowa stories that were supposed to be on last night... uh... must have hit the cutting floor. Now... sure... we're all a little disappointed. But you know... sometimes you gotta look at the positive side... I guess this means more beef jerky for all of us.

But the thing that shows... kind of that... you all aren't good at what you do? Um, this was supposed to showcase "The Heartland"... and somehow, Texas is in the Heartland? Really?

I know tons of Texans. And get this if you asked them if they were in the Heartland... hell, you ask them if they are in the South... the majority of the would say... "Child please, we's from Texas." Yeah... good to know that a network that is supposed to be about "travel" can't even get the regions in this country right. Sigh... oh well. it was cool to get some buzz for God's Country.

More to come and as always... Stay thirsty my friends.


Stanhope, Iowa is Epic

It’s a great day to be from God’s Country today my friends! Not only is Saturday… a National Holiday back home… the 53rd Stanhope Watermelon Day… but it just gets better… Tonight… Stanhope, Iowa… is going to be on National Television!!! At 9:00pm Iowa time tonight… on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations… on the Travel Channel.

Why? They will feature a long time business and not so hidden treasure… the Stanhope Locker. And for those in the know… it is epic. Seriously dudes. Stanhope Locker is off the chain… and so is their famous beef jerky.

I think I’ve said this before… but I love it when my friends and loyal readers say, “Dude, drove through Jewell yesterday.” Or texting me, “Dude, going through Stanhope.” My first response is… Good! Stop and spend some money! And if you are in the area… you’ll wanna spend some money on the good stuff. And where is the good stuff? The Stanhope Locker. I guarantee you… if you stop there once… you’ll be back every chance you can.

Of course the beef jerky is worth the drive. But… I’m tellin’ ya dudes… you won’t find better pork burgers than the ones they got at the Locker. Yeah… I know… it is pretty hard to mess up a pork burger… and I have had many. But for some reason… the ones from Stanhope are the best ones I have ever had. And the same goes for just about everything there. It’s hard to explain until you’ve had it. Also... for you hunters out there… they are crazy good with processing deer. So good, they usually have a waiting list.

Dudes… I loves me some Stanhope Locker. I’m a pretty lucky guy. Why? It’s pretty safe to say… me, my family, and many others in God’s Country grew up on meat from the Stanhope Locker. So off the chain… it’s crazy freaking good.

So… alright… be sure to check it out tonight! Travel Channel tonight, 9pm Iowa Time… or Central Time for you folks up in Story City. Here’s some linkage for you on tonight’s showcase of one of the best places to hit when you’re God’s County…

Flyover Foodie - #goodjoboutofyou Noreen! Wonder who you sources are!

Des Moines Register – Of course they go gaga over the Des Moines stop. One of my favs too! But… C’mon son! Give God’s County some pub.

City of Stanhope – Everything you need to know about Stanhope and Stanhopeans.

Side note here… if you’re looking for a pretty cool day this weekend? Head on up to Stanhope this Saturday! Dudes, you’re kids will think you’re off the chain… and you are gonna score some epic food… both in the Stanhope Park and at the Locker. Oh and free Watermelon all afternoon. Just bring your own fork is all they ask.

So there you have it. Man this is so awesome. Stanhope freaking Iowa is on TV tonight Noice! Something like this makes you want to crank an epic tune! Hit it fellas… and stay thirsty my friends.


Yeah, I know.

Guh... sorry dudes. July is a crazy month. But doesn't mean I can deny the awesome from you loyal QCI-ders out there. So stay thirsty my friends.... I've got some stuff coming.

If you need your fix of epic... either follow the "stalk me" thinger on the right... or follow me up in the land of Twitters... here's where you do that.

I know I say this all the time... but really. Lots and lots of stuff... until then... crank up some of this from the English Beat.... Hit it...